• Streak connector is a JIRA add-on which helps you synchronize your gmail streak add-on pipelines with JIRA allowing you to create tickets from a box in a streak, update their status, change assignee and do other JIRA issue manipulations. the synchronization works both ways, streak to JIRA and JIRA to streak.

  • The need build an add-on being able to perform two-directional synchronization between two unrelated software products.

  • A JIRA add-on was built. Installed on JIRA it uses streak API to continiously check the newsfeed from streak and apply the tracked changes to appropriate JIRA tickets. JIRA API is used by the add-on to reflect the changes made in the tracked tickets and post the necessary data to approprieate streak pipelines and boxes.

  • Atlassian SDK, JIRA API, OSGi, TDD (JUnit, Mockito), JIRA SAL plugin, Quartz.

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