Sane Driving Application

Sane Driving Application – Android application which allows people using a phone for calling, typing SMS while driving and at the same time keeping concentration on the road only. Cities and residential areas have the highest concentration of motoring public such as pedestrians, trams, cyclists and harvesting machinery and trucks for garbage collection. People should be more concentrated at the city’s roads.  A driver should observe the situation around all sides of the car very carefully.

That’s why the application for road safety became popular nowadays.

There are 8,000 accidents per day only in the USA due to the loss of focus and concentration, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

There are 100,000 accidents due to drivers asleep leads at least to the deaths of 1,500 people per year just in the United States.

Everybody knows the rules of the road, especially the rules of mobile security.

But busy drivers do not always have the opportunity to stop a vehicle or to park a car in the right place for receiving a call and only then to continue driving. Therefore, the numbers of accidents are increasingly growing every year. But experienced software developers have created a mobile application that solves this social problem.

The application works in the background and collects information about a place of the movement and speed. If the driver looks at the smartphone screen too long (for example, writes or reads the SMS) or the situation on the road seems dangerous, the application will switch off all excess activity and show you a precautionary sign.

Remember that your safety as also the safety of participants of traffic can depend on your attention.

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Author: Sales Team at Rozdoum

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