TeamStory: Out of box thinking

Reading my newsletters from Linkedin I found an interesting discussion with the next sample of “out of box thinking”

A group of 10 people were each given a piece of paper and told to create something that they could launch which would go the farthest distance. After much careful folding, I don’t think that there were two paper airplanes folded into the same shape. Each was launched, and the distance that was achieved from its creator was measured. Some curved off course and some nose-dived to the ground and some flew for a distance.

Once all 10 measurements were taken, the person conducting the test also took a piece of paper, and crumpled it up into a tight little ball, and threw it across the room, far outdistancing any of the 10 magnificent paper aircraft. I’m not sure of its practicality, but no one else involved in this little test thought of this … and so, you have an example of “thinking outside of the box”.

So here it is – a fresh, unusual and creative way of thinking. That is how we would like to start our blog. Everyone is telling how hard they are working, but we are spending more than 8h/daily here. So what else we are doing that makes us happy and efficient?

  • Nature. At our office we try to keep as much of it as possible. So even birds come to visit it 🙂
  • Sport. Yeah, it’s possible in the office too.  No matter is it just a kicker game, or soccer, or just some physical exercises. Last kicker championship was held a month ago (it’s the only championship we have here actually).
  • Reading. Our library is updating monthly and books are quite popular in the office. The highest popularity comes to a book that is not in the bookcase but on the table of CTO.

The list of our activities is updating really often. Who knows what we will choose next month – maybe office swimming pool?

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