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Top Reasons to Use Jira Counters For Saving Your Time and Money

Accurate estimates are a huge part of success in project management. If your team has to work extra hours, cut corners on work quality, and compromise on significant elements of the project (new features, testing, etc.), chances are that a poorly-thought-out deadline is to blame. 

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Atlassian Plugin Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Atlassian Plugin Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

As a team of accredited Atlassian plugin developers, we are highly thorough when it comes to ensuring the quality of our projects. But when it comes to novice programmers, it is common for them to either skip plugin testing completely or to have no framework for handling it as efficiently as possible.

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Addressing Need to ShoRange Estimate press-release by Rozdoum

Addressing Need to Show Estimation Option in Jira — Range Estimate by Rozdoum

One of the values of the agile approach — responding to the uncertainty. Agile tools, especially Jira, are assumed to fit an unclear and changing environment. Add-ons help Jira users extend the standard functionality and make the tool even more flexible and tailored. Our Rozdoum team recently released an app which reflects options in time evaluation. The Range Estimate add-on for Jira adds a pessimistic estimate to an issue and forms an estimation range along with the original estimate so that an issue’s progress can be followed.

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Atlassian Team at Rozdoum

Reopening Counter

Reopening Counter as Quality Assessment Tool for Jira

In the software development world “project management” has become an all-too-familiar theme. It turns everyday routines into tedious ones. Every mistake may have a tremendous impact on the project as a whole, and as such prove to be highly important and crucial for success. What if your project is non-IT? Take “Eating an apple,” as an example. How would you manage it? Is it as clear as it seems to be? How would you define its weak points?

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Atlassian team at Rozdoum

Consolidated View

How to Succeed in Multiple Projects Management?

In the IT domain, working with distributed teams is routine practice. Such an approach may have several advantages. Read more …

Andrey Dekhtyar

Consulters Evaluated WatchTower as Most Useful App

Consulters Evaluated WatchTower as Most Useful App

Our new app WatchTower, One board for multiple Jiras, gained the mark of one of the most useful apps of Codegeist. The Atlassian Solution Partner and the former Codegeist winner — StiltSoft ranked our app in their review. Read more …

WatchTower is one of three Top Contenders in the Best Software Team Apps

WatchTower Deserved Honorable Mentions as Best Software Team App on Codegeist

WatchTower is announced as one of three Top Contenders in the Best Software Team Apps category on Codegeist. Read more …

Board Configuration

WatchTower — One Agile Board for multiple Jira instances

If you have ever struggled to deal with a setup where work assignments are spread among different Jira instances — you should know the pain of getting an overview and aligning your tasks properly.
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Rozdoum team in Barcelona

Rozdoum insight about Atlassian Summit 2017 in Barcelona

Atlassian Summit passed, the emotions faded and we are ready to demonstrate our impressions regarding this event. Read more …

Solution Partner

Time To Outsource: Choosing a Solution Partner

Have you ever refused a client? If so, you must have had extremely sound reasons for it. You know how confused you feel when you are making such a tough decision. The bad news is that sometimes it is the only way to react. The good news is that you may outsource the project instead of rejecting it.

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