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Jira and Salesforce Integration

Jira and Salesforce Integration


A modern digital company often has a large stack of various CRMs, time-trackers, risk and budget control tools, and so on. All of them are designed to simplify the workflow within the company. But in fact, “simplifying” may have the opposite effect, especially when you consider the work of different teams on various projects. All these processes accumulate into an administrative headache that can lead to the collapse of control over the workflow, manpower allocation, and costs.

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Jira and GitHub integration

Why Should You Integrate Git With Jira?

Jira and Git applications are commonly used by development studios all around the world to oversee the in-house workflow. Over the years, Jira has become quite an attractive platform for other types of businesses to manage their projects simply because of how effective it is.

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AlphaServe team for Rozdoum

Reopening Counter as Quality Assessment tool for Jira

Ensuring data consistency on migration projects with Jira

Are you working with several Jira instances and continuously switch between them? Are you managing multiple projects and teams simultaneously? Are you searching for a way to optimize your workflow, communication and time management?

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Andrey Dekhtyar

Jira Migration Success

Jira Migration. Tips on People Interaction

Our team at Rozdoum has performed Jira merges several times, and it was always a pain. Merging two or more active Jira instances into one, with a big amount of projects, users, and configuration schemes is a task that takes a great deal of effort. There are some tools out there to help you, but we are not going to talk about the technical side of the migration (merge) now.

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Andrey Kozynets