Why we need to know your goal

Outsourcing companies build their businesses on implementing series of projects for many different clients. In most cases, clients never see their contractors. Under these conditions cooperation, reliability and efficiency are more than important questions to discuss.

Culture distinctions, geographical distance, time difference – all those parameters can be managed and moderated. Managers at outsourcing companies have got used to be flexible and adaptable. The only factor that can destroy cooperation and bring misunderstanding is a lack of information. All the available data concerning client’s needs, wishes and requirements are vital to develop an ideal product for them.

Our primary goal is to do our best for a customer. For this, we need to know the client’s primary goal.

If someone orders software, web or mobile solution it means that the situation needs this solution. It means that the customer has met a problem / an opportunity that required them to have new tools of tech support for their business. It is necessary for us to understand thoroughly this problem/opportunity to offer the best we can.
To write a piece of code is not enough. You need an app that can develop your business but not just hang at Apple Store. You need a web application to show the highest traffic possible, but not just to have it created. You need a social network to connect millions of active users, but not to occupy a URL.

The only way to hit the bull’s eye with a new product is to adhere to C&C rule: Communication and Cooperation are set as top priorities for every minute of the development process.
When we plan how to design and to develop a product, our first and main guideline is its destination and our client’s expectations. Then we try to imagine how it must work to satisfy all the customer’s requests. To know the requirements and purposes are the obligatory conditions in this case. So we are always open to hear our client’s plans, thoughts and goals to make our contribution to their fulfillment.

That’s our strategy standing on its three elephants: products’ highest quality, long-term relations, and satisfied customers needs.

Author: Sales Team at Rozdoum

Posted 2013-08-22 09:08 in

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