3 tips for the long life of your mobile app after its launch

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Just imagine that you finally see it! After endless hours of searches and negotiations, long weeks of development, countless revisions and hours of communication with the team of software developers. You finally receive your long-awaited, masterfully created and undeniably genius mobile app. Its design and functionality has exceeded your expectations and you already imagine thousands of downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Right at this point in time, your next stumbling block emerges: what are you going to do with your product now?

That is why our Sales & Marketing department has decided to share these 3 effective mobile app promotion tools, which will allow you to make your application more popular, and significantly increase the number of satisfied customers and potential users of your application.

1. Press releases, publications and blogs

Make it a habit to regularly issue press releases about the success of your product. Start with the news of its creation, and then inform readers about new versions and key moments in the history of your application. Most importantly do not let the audience’s attention to simmer down. You need to constantly stir their interest. Releases do not have to be big and bulky – a few paragraphs about the product are sufficient.

Distribute your press releases through all available channels of communication. Record your press releases on free press release directories (they are easily found in any search engine). Send your news to web sites that have common interests and themes. The same can be applied to even more intensive press coverage channels thus providing free content to journalists and other media sources. Some examples are a recorded interview with you about the product or a review of your application by a popular Internet edition. Such publications will draw media’s interest and showcase your product in the most favorable light.

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2. Social Networks

It's no secret that in this age of technology, social networks have filtered into the lives of almost every citizen of the world. Therefore, to not use the free sites with an audience of hundreds of millions of users is simply impossible! Use your account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Create a group dedicated to your new product. You can also post news about your application in a variety of themed communities that already exist in every social network. The main thing is that it's free and effective. :)



3. Feedback from customers

Create and develop relationships with your customers. Encourage them to express their opinions about your product. You should conduct interviews, include call-to-action links in your communications, provoke a response to your messages, offer free advice, and conduct surveys on your website or in conjunction with partners. You need to receive your customers’ consent to receive your marketing materials. Most users will stay engaged if the information you provide is useful and they are not contacted too often.


Customer Feedback


Of course, all of these low-cost marketing methods do not require a lot of money, but need the investment of other resources such as your time, patience, energy, imagination and knowledge. And one more tip that we would like to mention which many often forget: do not simply promote and sell your company or your products but rather sell the “emotion” the end user receives and the “results” that are obtained from using your services!


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 Author: Rozdoum Mobile Team 


Posted 2016-03-09 15:30 in Software Tools Technologies Trends

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