Why do you need a mobile app for your business?

Mobilize your business

Look around. How many technical devices can you see near you? Computers, laptops, tablets and of course, smartphones. The reality of today's world is that, no matter where you are, a smartphone will be your personal ecosystem that can replace many rudimentary things, such as a notebook, a clock, a flashlight etc. Now imagine that you are a business owner and run your own restaurant, bar, or a fitness club. You will probably notice that all of your visitors are always using their gadgets.
It is no secret that the capacity of the mobile development sphere is increasing every day. Sales of smartphones and tablets have been exceeding sales of personal computers for a long time. Experts predict that by 2018, smartphones will be 6 times more popular than computers. So, must we say that the mobile development is a "gold mine" for business?

It is no secret that the capacity of the mobile development sphere is increasing every day.

It seems that not too long ago you were only able to stay in contact with a client using the Internet on your computer. Now you can easily stay in touch with your visitors 24 hours a day with one of your smartphones and/or tablets that run on iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.

Clients Behaviour in Mobile World. Mobilize your business!

So, let's take a closer look: why does your business need mobile applications?

Mobile technologies have a number of advantages over any other types of marketing communication strategies. Let us briefly examine each of them:

  1. One such advantage is mobile payment systems. The speed of modern life dictates its own terms: the customer wants to be able to make purchases and pay for them quickly and conveniently no matter where they are. Using your computer to pay online already seems inconvenient. Mobile payments mean that the seller, regardless of the size of the enterprise may accept and issue a payment by credit card using a smartphone, invoices and other related applications.

  2. Another great feature is Geolocation. Not only can the client view your smartphone, your location and various other useful surrounding objects, but you as a business owner, by using the LBS-service, can also find potential customers and inform them about your services through, for example, Twitter or Facebook.

  3. Creating a mobile version of your commercial website is yet one more opportunity to get closer to the customer.

  4. Small commercial applications are not only able to use all of the above benefits of mobile Internet, but also represent a lot of other equally entertaining possibilities. Mobile business applications work very well with stock prices, newsletters, push-notifications, etc. which can be sent/received at anytime during the day or night thus becoming a very effective method of increasing sales. It is clear that this must be accompanied with specific offers, discounts or promotions. This is absolutely a new channel that will help you not only gain more clients but increase the number of returning customers.

In conclusion:

  • Mobile does not sleep and does not give concessions. Your site must be adapted to mobile devices. The number of users who visit the Internet exclusively from smartphones or tablets each year will only increase. Losing a segment of the audience is simply impermissible.

  • The introduction of mobile applications in the automation of business processes leads to increased productivity.

  • Today the market is living on Mobile applications, complementary online services and loyalty programs.

  • The real value and utility of applications (health, education, sports, geolocation) as a part of brand positioning is exactly what your customers want to see in the future.

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