Mobile Software Development

Our team is really into mobile application development from the early beginning of the first mobile devices invention on the IT market and till nowadays.

Mobile projects

Nowadays, mobile app development become an integral part of Rozdoum’s life. Today we create and deliver iOS and Android apps to our new and regular customers.

  • Mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to create lists of wish items they want to have for their personal holidays as for birthday or for a wedding day. The app has integrated payment system that solve the problem of choosing and buying the gifts for your friend or relatives.

  • It was necessary to implement peer-to-peer payment system that could be used among friends or relatives to send some funds.

  • We integrated Wepay payment system as a method of simple and easy money remittance. The feature is essentially a quick and relatively painless way to send money.

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, Grails, MySQL, GCM (google cloud messaging)

  • Mobile talent industry marketplace – a mobile app to connect models and actors with agents, photographers or any company that is looking to hire a talent.

  • Bugs fixing of iOS8 Core Location and integration of new features of push notifications logic.

  • Implemented as native iPhone application with Facebook API, Parse SDK and integrated payments.

  • Facebook API, Parse SDK

  • The iOS application for medical emergency needs. This app has special sticker on the phone that shows that a person has some health problem and in case of emergency, it helps to turn on the phone and open the app with medical card of person.

  • To implement the function alerting of the doctors in case of emergency with people who have risks to feel bad due to illness.

  • Application has 5 pre configured contacts, members of the family and functionality that allows to get the information about the nearest local hospitals.

  • iOS SDK

  • A mobile application to gather the information on people from Switzerland from the dedicated website, providing the data from different sources all around the country in one place.

  • To provide comprehensive information adapted for mobile devices, keeping the essential functionality of the web resource, including general information, dates, and some short personal summary.

  • The delivered application uses the customer’s API sending requests to the relevant web-site server and process the information to show it the right way on mobile devices. To meet the key customer demand, the application can perform offline, and provide users the information relevant to the moment of an Internet outage. As soon as the Internet connection is restored, the application will update content in a background mode. Local notifications were implemented as well.

  • React Native, iOS SDK, CoreData; Android SDK, OrmLite

  • The Social App is a Minimum Viable Product to show how social features such as posting, comments, likes, views, and others can be implemented using Firebase. Being the open-source code, the application can be used by developers as the reference for several functions like building queries, data pagination, and counters. This application uses authorization via Facebook and Google. The examples of animation usage are applied to the opening screen of details and a user profile.

  • The idea of the application is to create an open-source code as an example of our real working application and to demonstrate our code quality. The focus is made on social components of a mobile application that will show the mobile team experience in this specific area to our customers.

  • Social App is a native Android application built on Firebase. The most popular social features are carried out. Several authentication methods are implemented, a user can log in via Facebook, and via Google [or via e-mail]. Access restriction is employed via user roles, meaning that unauthorized user can use limited functionality, while the full stack of application features is available after logging in. Engaging user experience: the Transition Framework is used to build the animated navigation to a user profile screen and a screen of details. Posts, Likes, and Comments are the functions available for users. They can complain about content and see the counters of views, likes, and comments. Firebase App Features are used for data pagination, indexing, and filtering.

  • Android SDK, Firebase, Facebook API, Google API, Transitions Framework

  • A mobile application to visualize how much time a user spends on his device. The goal of the app is to help users to track their screen time and improve their personal time management.

  • Rozdoum experts developed an MVP of the application for Android, including UI and UX design. We created a visual indicator of the device usage to show the unwanted screen time in a coherent way.

  • A user specifies the desired time period of the device usage per a day. The application generates clear charts of spent time. The red grid indicates if a user exceeds this time. It stores statistics for two weeks. The app works in the background and relaunches after a reboot.

  • Android SDK, SQLite

  • Eventor is a mobile guide for conference organizers. It gives aconference attendee an option to manage their personal agenda, to check schedule, talks, speakers, venue and sponsors information in a single application. The application is customizable for different events. Every app is labeled with a logo and branding of a customer.  

  • It was our aim to build a product which can provide attendees with all necessary data about an event. Moreover it should give a possibility to create and to update a personal agenda.

  • Mobile clients for iPhone and Android as well as Web app were created. Venue location is shown by Google Maps. User can add items to personal agenda and manage it in the app or in a standard calendar. Twitter feed is available by event’s hashtag. Each talk can be rated and feedback is collected by the web application.

  • Android SDK, iOS SDK, SWIFT, Java, SQL, OrmLite, ApacheCommons IO, Java XML, Android Async HTTP, Objective-C, NSXML Parser, Cocoa.

  • A mobile app for placing telephone calls over an IP network. The app allows making calls only after playing appropriate add transmitted from the server.

  • The client required an easy tool for making phone calls via IP telephony technology integrated with commercial voice advertisement channel.

  • We have implemented the solution combining mobile platform with open source VoIP solution- Linphone, compatible with the SIP protocol. We have also subscribed a VoIP to PSTN (=classic telephony) account to a telecom provider to address users with “classic” phone line. We addressed number of features including video calls, conference calls, different address books integration, reviewing call history and text messaging.

  • Android SDK, iOS SDK, Asterisk, Linphone.

  • A football training app is a coach’s assistant. It is aimed at coaches who don’t have enough time to plan the several football teams training. The app helps a football coach to build the trainings depending on the team size, weather conditions, skills needed to be trained, and monitor the team’s’ progress.

  • With the help of the app, a coach can generate training activities for a football team, control activity, check game process, monitor skills to train, record videos of the game for further analyses and get statistics. According to weather conditions and a number of players in the team, the app adjusts the list of activities and time for them.The coach can evaluate team’s skills and set up game conditions. The application also generates a layout of players on the field for every type of the game. Statistics and results of the training are stored on the server.As soon as football playing grounds have poor or no connection, the app should be able to work offline, updating all the required data, such as current weather conditions, training results or the team’s progress, in a background mode.

  • The application design has been created on the base of customer’s specifications. The native app UI and UX created. The login has been employed via a social network, while an account creation is executed on a device. The back end part has been built to satisfy the requirements of the offline mode to refresh the needed data seamlessly, when the Internet connection is available. The coach can generate training and set up the conditions without Internet. A video is played only when the connection is stable. The results records and team skills progress had been implemented.

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK

  • A prototype of a client banking application to show and evaluate the benefits of custom UI with animated gestures.

  • The client requirements were to implement the complicated animated user interface of the banking application within a limited period of time.

  • The animation of all the specified screens, including transactions and payments, was created in a three-month term.

  • iOS SDK

  • Aqari is a mobile application to analyze potential investments, risks, and revenue from real estate property acquisition. It is a hybrid mobile application with a great animated UI and pleasant UX created for iOS and Android. Real estate analyzer helps users to calculate several metrics (Rent Growth, Vacancy, Loan Type, LTV, Inflation, Discount Rate and others) on the basis of custom input data and analyze them. The Aqari application generates results, such as DCF Cashflows, IRR, ROI, Debt Coverage, etc. in a form of clear and understandable tables. A user can save the analysis in the app, convert them into a PDF-document and send them via email.  

  • The most challenging part was tight development deadlines. The application for two mobile platforms was delivered less than in a month. Users of the application can switch between dual language interface — English and Arabic. The whole interface changes its direction to the right-to-left when Arabic is set. Sensitive Analyses requires analyzing and calculating of the multiple input data. The results should be displayed in the form of an easily comprehensible table. Moreover, analyses results may be converted into a pdf-file and send via email.

  • The offline mode was a customer-oriented solution. The user’s data about a property is stored on the device completely. To fit customer demands of short terms and to simplify analysis processing, our developers created one code base for calculations for both platforms. This made Aqari a hybrid application with JS inside.

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, Google API, Firebase, JS

  • It’s a fun, creative, entertaining and competitive application where people can create their own categories showcasing their individual talents (whatever they may be) by posting 3-15/30 seconds video clips and competing for the top spot in that category.

  • To create the separate social network that will speed up the process of uploading, publishing and sharing video clips online.

  • Video sharing app allows users to upload and post their personal short videos and share that content with other users or viewers, either privately or publicly. Users are then able to view the videos and can often rate them and leave comments.

  • iOS SDK, Grails, MySQL

  • Fireworks Viewer is a mobile application shows a customer a video of the selected fireworks explosion. It also helps a user to select the best result for his party.

  • To create an additional advertising location in the store, and help a customer make his choice on fireworks quicker and easier with a mobile application visualizing the explosion using selected fireworks bar and/or QR codes.

  • As a result our mobile team delivered the application with user-friendly interface and appealing design to connect video files on cloud storage with scanned fireworks codes and play them on the device. In the standby mode, the device can transmit the promo videos on the panel in store to attract an audience.

  • React Native, iOS SDK, Wistia API

  • iPad and iPhone GPS tracking app for sailors with combination of built-in maps and custom maps available for offline use enhanced with various navigational features.

  • Application was aimed to be an easy to use tool for route planning as well as new distributional channel for client’s maps. This tool had to enable easy navigation between online maps – Google maps (later – Apple maps) and OpenSeaMap, as well as offline maps – downloaded from different suppliers with in-app purchase. Besides map browsing, it was requested to build route planning & tracking functionality.

  • The app aimed to provide quick access to all required maps. A user can choose and change maps with one touch. Also off-line map was implemented. It combines all information and provides sailor with the following features: route planning, distance counting, logbook management, search and navigation options, marks adding. The app has GPS tracking tool and enables boat info input and logbook check for a trip. Function “Person over Board” was also added. App includes CouchBase with seamless synchronization between iOS-Server-Android.

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, Objective C, Java, Grails, Cocoa, Xcode, OpenSeaMAp, in-App purchases, Apple Maps, iOS Geo API, CouchDB, Couchbase, Google Maps, Couchbase Lite, Guice (RoboGuice)

  • Tracker app with which you can record and replay your sailboat race. The app for yachtsman allows tracking the way of vessel, save this info and share to social network.

  • Creating the tracker App that allows recording and replaying your sailboat in 3D. Implementing the virtual sailing journals, automatic upload tracks over Wi-Fi or Cell Signal; displaying speed, course and VMG.

  • The app provides crucial information about your boat’s speed, course, position and boat handling. One of the most exciting features of this free app is cutting edge “Perfect Start” mode. After capturing the starting line position, app calculates the favored end. It estimates if you are on time for your start, providing time and distance to the line. Also, the app automatically converts into “Race” mode, announcing speed, course, and drift. Your course is also charted on the built-in map, showing your speed as a color code GPS track.

  • Android SDK, Android Google Map API, iOS SDK

  • Online tracking platform for web and iPhone allows sharing interesting places, activities for leisure time and challenging tracks for outdoor activities. Later Race tracking features were added – for real-time analysis of race competitions.

  • The task was to build an online social platform, accessible from web and iPhone. Track needs to be recorded with a mobile device like an iPhone, whereafter uploaded to server and shared with others.

  • Online application was built, using Google maps. Activities are sorted by popularity, search is available by keyword and geo coordinates. Additional module for sport events tracking was added with comparison and analysis of tracks, speed, position in race at realtime and in review mode.

  • Google Maps, Google Geo API, Google Earth API, GWT, Spring, MySQL, iPhone SDK, Objective C, Cocoa, Xcode

  • A mobile app for iOS and Android that analyzes GPS data to define a user’s speed and shows customizable notifications when these parameters change. The application can be applied to various safety and security cases. For instance, it may remind a driver about something important (a child on the back seat, an animal left in the car, a trainee bag, a car/bicycle lock, etc.)

  • The application has a simple and minimalistic UI and UX. A user can set the text of the notification and change the time range for sending alerts. Local notifications with a sound are used for alerts. The app runs in the background.

  • Rozdoum experts developed the application that analyzes the speed of motion by a device GPS location. The application recognizes when a user stopped a vehicle, for example. As a result, it shows a local notification with a preset or user’s text within the configured time period. Notifications are changeable and may play a default sound. It is a native application and two versions for iOS and Android versions were implemented.

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, fastlane, GPS, Google Play Services Location, Core Location Framework, Crashlytics

  • A location-based mobile marketplace that allows users sell and buy things. It combines the usual marketplace features with geolocation and social network features. The app has Facebook or email for authorization and allows picking any photo from the web to make a post. The chosen picture will redirect to the origin web page. Chatting, messaging and push notifications are available. A user can create a profile or use the app anonymously, follow others and share an item with followers. It's possible to make lists of items and search for them with the help of different filters.

  • Our task was to provide a full testing and fix critical bugs. We tested the application and sent our client a full report with our recommendations. A client defined the scope and priority of the debugging process. As a part of our developing scope, the app uses an extension to a browser that processes the pictures from a selected web page and transfers them to the app. This part was challenging. In addition our developers should be integrated into our customer’s team and work for a mutually beneficial solution together.

  • We did all the full scope of testing activities, provided the report and our recommendations. Our customer appointed the tasks for debugging that we completed. We were engaged in the development of a browser extension for processing pictures where we connected JavaScript, Swift, and Objective-C in one codebase.

  • iOS SDK, iOS Extensions, xCode Instruments, iOS MapKit, Facebook SDK

  • An online grocery shopping mobile application for ordering and delivering goods from the nearest store of the supermarkets’ chain.

  • To build an MVP of the online grocery shopping application where a user should be able to choose a store nearby, order goods, and get this order delivered.

  • An MVP of the application has been built. The focus was on UI and UX to show potential users how it can work. The application supposed to be a user-centric, so it should be convenient and easy to navigate. A user can see special offers right on the home screen. The application allows creating shopping lists, viewing recent orders, adding like favorite products. To make the choice quicker the goods are divided into categories. A user can view the detailed information about a product, as well as the list of related items. To proceed with material design principles, we added some animation when a user adds goods to the cart to gamify the process. The cart is editable. A user can use a QR-code to confirm the order when checking out. Several payment options are available, including payment in the store. The same is true with the delivery, a user can pick up his order in the store by himself. Engineering of logics, development, payment implementation, as well as geolocation and other features supposed to be the next stage of the project.

  • Android API, Firebase

  • A user-centered application for shopping milk-based children’s formula. The application allows a user to order the kids powder mixtures, schedule the deliveries, pay for the orders and track shipment history and statuses.

  • The application should provide the high-level of security to keep user’s sensitive data and payment processing protected. Among the features, we would like to mention, one is that the app sends push and email notifications to a user. Besides, the application supports the loyalty program: a user gets a discount for sharing it with friends.

  • Our expert works as a part of the customer’s developers team. Payment implementation was half a hard trick. While Ayden payment was an easy to implement the feature. The integration of the application with the PayPal, on the other hand, was a resource-consuming process, required much communication within the team and with a third party (PayPal) support. Moreover, we gained an intense experience using the latest technologies such as RxJava and Retrofit in this project implementation.

  • Android SDK, RxJava, Retrofit, SQLite, FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), PayPal payment, Adyen payment

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