Sailboat Race App


Tracker app with which you can record and replay your sailboat race. The app for yachtsman allows tracking the way of the vessel, save this info and share to a social network.


Creating the tracker App that allows recording and replaying your sailboat in 3D. Implementing the virtual sailing journals, automatic upload tracks over Wi-Fi or Cell Signal; displaying speed, course and VMG.


The app provides crucial information about your boat’s speed, course, position and boat handling. One of the most exciting features of this free app is cutting edge “Perfect Start” mode. After capturing the starting line position, the app calculates the favored end. It estimates if you are on time for your start, providing time and distance to the line. Also, the app automatically converts into “Race” mode, announcing speed, course, and drift. Your course is also charted on the built-in map, showing your speed as a color code GPS track.


Android SDK, Android Google Map API, iOS SDK

Mobile Geo-location

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