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WatchTower – One Agile Board for Multiple Jira Instances

The WatchTower app consolidates issues from remote Cloud and Server Jira instances into one agile board. Your preferred Jira instance becomes a single point of control for multiple distributed assignments. Work from one board to manage and update issues in any number of remote Jiras.

Trello Board Inside Jira

Trello Board Inside Jira enhances your team’s collaboration between Trello and Jira – the app extends WatchTower app by allowing you to add multiple Trello boards as sources to view, comment and track Trello cards from your Jira instance.

Time Reports for Remote Jira

Time Reports for Remote Jira enhances WatchTower addon by allowing you to track time logged in multiple Jira instances.

Agile Remaining Estimate Counter

Agile Remaining Estimate Counter helps to follow your sprint commitments easily. You can monitor correct remaining estimates right at Jira Agile Boards. Track the progress in time and ensure your sprint commitments easily.

Reopening Counter for Jira

Reopening Counter for Jira Cloud indicates how many times the issue was reopened. It is a simple counter, that helps you distribute your resources better and prevent real problems.

Task Manager for Confluence

Task Manager for Confluence offers a native interface to work with Jira issues within Confluence. The app frees you from context and tab switching and allows you to create, view, list, edit, and transition Jira tasks directly from a Confluence page.

Requirements Clarity Map

Requirements Clarity Map is a clear and visual way of dealing with the uncertainty of product requirements. The app for Confluence visually presents requirements as a tree graph highlighting requirements clarity, size, structure, and status of linked Jira issue.

Range Estimate for Jira (Retired, no longer available)

Range Estimate is an app that adds the possibility to have optimistic and pessimistic estimates for a Jira issue. The app provides a realistic picture of the task duration in case of risks and uncertainty; closely shows progress on the issue view.

Absence Tracking for Jira (Retired, no longer available)

Optimize time tracking processes by automatically logging hours for employee’s absence. The app facilitates the process of worklog tracking for PM, HR Managers and Team Leads during vacations, sick leaves and other PTO cases.

Streak Connector for Jira® (Retired, no longer available)

Streak Connector is the app intended to connect Streak CRM users with Jira users. It turns emails from your mailbox into Jira issues. It speeds up the negotiation and simplifies the everyday communication between teams.

FreshBooks Connector for Jira® (Retired, no longer available)

Freshbooks Connector for Jira is an app to send worklogs from Jira to Freshbooks and stop double-time reporting. It allows you to send worklogs from Jira to Freshbooks with 1 click and keep worklogs synchronized automatically.