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Crystallized focus on Atlassian Services
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Fleet Management Portal


Logistics supply chain project for Ukrainian ArmedForces. (MoD)
SAP + Mobile


Marketplace on Liferay
Performance Canvas for BI


SeaPal (IBN)
Event management Eventor
Lead management system


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Mobile expertize


E-Mail Marketing Automation


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Development center.

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Domain Expertise

36 cases

Location-based Marketplace

A location-based mobile marketplace that allows users sell and buy things. It combines the usual marketplace features with geolocation and social network features.

Online Grocery Store

An online grocery shopping mobile application for ordering and delivering goods from the nearest store of the supermarkets’ chain.

Baby Formula Shopping App

A user-centered application for shopping milk-based children’s formula. The application allows a user to order the kids powder mixtures, schedule the deliveries, pay for the orders and track shipment history and statuses.

Organic Food Shop

A native mobile e-shop of fresh, organic and healthy food with delivery.

Truck Fleet Audit

A system of web portals and mobile apps for truck fleet audit. It includes technical condition diagnosis, geo-positioning of vehicles, and freight status monitoring.

Web Business Intelligence

A complete Business Intelligence solution designed to give end users the power to enable visual presentation, modifications and analysis of business data in real-time.

Warehouse & Logistics System

Rozdoum provided quality assurance services to prevent loss and failures in a warehouse and logistics administration Java-based portal. 

Lead Management System

Lead Management System is a Java-based platform for online collection of leads with a goal of selling them to potential clients. 

Configuration Portal

The tool to simplify the process of the configuration of network routers in a closed network. 

Mobile client for SAP

The mobile application for Android client for SAP ERP allows to work in the offline mode and send data with postponed synchronization.

Business Site on Liferay

An international corporate site built on Liferay, comprising a catalog of products, a blog, and video tutorials build on Liferay.

Social Marketplace on Liferay

An online marketplace based on artificial intelligence matching algorithms with social features which allows purchasing of goods from associated shop partners (i.e. Amazon) or directly via a portal web site.

Gift Application

Mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to create lists of wish items they want to have for their birthday or for a wedding day.

Medical App

The iOS application for medical emergency needs. This app has a special sticker on the phone that shows that a person has some health problems and in case of emergency, it helps to turn on the phone and open the app with a medical card of the person.

People Infobase

A mobile application to gather information on people from Switzerland from the dedicated website, providing the data from different sources all around the country in one place.

Social App

The Social App is a Minimum Viable Product to show how social features such as posting, comments, likes, views, and others can be implemented using Firebase.


A mobile application to visualize how much time a user spends on his device. The goal of the app is to help users to track their screen time and improve their personal time management.

Social Network

Vero is an advertising-free social network to build connections of different depth. It is the media for interactive content, not the simple text post. Users can recommend and play music, movies, and shop right from the app.

Messaging App

A mobile messenger for communication and collaboration.

Talent Platform

Mobile talent industry marketplace – a mobile app to connect models and actors with agents, photographers or any company that is looking to hire a talent.


Eventor is a mobile guide for conference organizers. It gives a conference attendee an option to manage their personal agenda, to check schedule, talks, speakers, venue and sponsors information in a single application.

Ski Routes App

Ski Routes App is a mobile guide that provides information about winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Mobile SIP Client

A mobile app for placing telephone calls over an IP network. The app allows making calls only after playing appropriate add transmitted from the server.

Football App

A football training app is a coach’s assistant. It is aimed at coaches who don’t have enough time to plan several football teams training. 

Banking App

A prototype of a client banking application to show and evaluate the benefits of custom UI with animated gestures.

Real Estate Analysis App

Aqari is a mobile application to analyze potential investments, risks, and revenue from real estate property acquisition. It is a hybrid mobile application with a great animated UI and pleasant UX created for iOS and Android.

Working Access Control App

Android Working Access Control App for a construction company. It transfers reports to the project management system right from the building lot. 

Ticket Storing App

This mobile application is intended for fans who want to buy and save tickets securely with their smartphones.

Video Hosting App

It’s a fun, creative, entertaining and competitive social network.  People can create their own categories showcasing their individual talents by posting 30-seconds video clips and competing for the top spot in that category. 

Fireworks Viewer

Fireworks Viewer is a mobile application that plays a video of the selected fireworks performance for a customer before the purchase.

Athletes Hiring App

A social application to connect athletes and sports recruiters with a video sharing feature.

App for Sailors

iPad and iPhone GPS tracking app for sailors with a combination of built-in maps and custom maps available for offline use enhanced with various navigational features.

Sailboat Race App

Tracker app with which you can record and replay your sailboat race. The app for yachtsman allows tracking the way of the vessel, save this info and share to a social network.

Tracking Platform

Online tracking platform for web and iPhone allows sharing interesting places, activities for leisure time and challenging tracks for outdoor activities. 

Speed Recognition App

A mobile app for iOS and Android that analyzes GPS data to define a user’s speed and shows customizable notifications when these parameters change.

Delivery Tracking App

A delivery tracking app is a hybrid mobile application for automation of internal business processes. With its help, a delivery service can monitor the parcel status and check drivers’ performance.

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