Truck Fleet Audit


A system of web portals and mobile apps for truck fleet audit. It includes technical condition diagnosis, geo-positioning of vehicles, and freight status monitoring.


The system gathers the full possible amount of information about trucks, analyzes and processes data, and displays relevant reports to corresponding groups of users via a mobile app or a web portal. Technicians receive email notifications with information from the hardware devices about the truck condition, its maintenance needs, etc. Freight managers can track a vehicle geo-location and status. Clients can monitor their orders in progress.


Several micro-services perform a different function each and combine into a system. It is a long-term project and the system modules are changing to fit new requirements. Rozdoum experts developed front end and back end architecture and designed several modules. New functionality was added to analyze and process new data types from the hardware installed on trucks directly. The existing performance is constantly testing for possible bugs and troubleshooting. The speed of response was improved. Overall stability of the system was improved. Since we were not only developing new features but also worked on increasing manual and auto testing coverage of the functionality up to 100%.

Due to the fact that the system is huge, it is not that easy to understand its logic and find the solution quickly. Our experts take a proactive approach within this project. They go deep into new technologies to keep the system up-to-date. Developers try to foresee future problems and offer a set of changes (i.e. mockups and feature scenarios) for better UX and performance.


Groovy, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Data, AngularJS, Gulp, Webpack, Gradle, ElasticSearch, Rancher, Jenkins, Rancher CLI, AWS EC2, Apache Kafka, Git, Sass, SSH, MySQL, Angular Material, ALK Maps, Restangular, UI Router, Postman, Mocha, SinonJS, Protractor, Spock, Chai, Lodash, Apache Cassandra, Docker, Retrofit, Swagger, AWS S3


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