Real Estate Analysis App



Aqari is a mobile application to analyze potential investments, risks, and revenue from real estate property acquisition. It is a hybrid mobile application with a great animated UI and pleasant UX created for iOS and Android. The real estate analyzer helps users to calculate several metrics (Rent Growth, Vacancy, Loan Type, LTV, Inflation, Discount Rate and others) on the basis of custom input data and analyze them. The Aqari application generates results, such as DCF Cashflows, IRR, ROI, Debt Coverage, etc. in a form of clear and understandable tables. A user can save the analysis in the app, convert them into a PDF-document and send them via email.



The most challenging part was tight development deadlines. The application for two mobile platforms was delivered less than in a month.
Users of the application can switch between dual language interface — English and Arabic. The whole interface changes its direction to the right-to-left when Arabic is set.
Sensitive Analyses requires analyzing and calculating of the multiple input data. The results should be displayed in the form of an easily comprehensible table. Moreover, analyzed results may be converted into a pdf-file and send via email.


The offline mode was a customer-oriented solution. The user’s data about a property is stored on the device completely.
To fit customer demands of short terms and to simplify analysis processing, our developers created one code base for calculations for both platforms. This made Aqari a hybrid application with JS inside.


iOS SDK, Android SDK, Google API, Firebase, JS, Swift


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