Football App


A football training app is a coach’s assistant. It is aimed at coaches who don’t have enough time to plan several football teams training. The app helps a football coach to build the trainings depending on the team size, weather conditions, skills needed to be trained, and monitor the team’s’ progress.


With the help of the app, a coach can generate training activities for a football team, control activity, check game process, monitor skills to train, record videos of the game for further analyses and get statistics. According to weather conditions and a number of players in the team, the app adjusts the list of activities and time for them. The coach can evaluate team’s skills and set up game conditions. The application also generates a layout of players on the field for every type of the game. Statistics and results of the training are stored on the server. As soon as football playing grounds have poor or no connection, the app should be able to work offline, updating all the required data, such as current weather conditions, training results or the team’s progress, in a background mode.


The application design has been created on the base of the customer’s specifications. The native app UI and UX created. The login has been employed via a social network, while an account creation is executed on a device. The back end part has been built to satisfy the requirements of the offline mode to refresh the needed data seamlessly when the Internet connection is available. The coach can generate training and set up the conditions without the Internet. A video is played only when the connection is stable. The results records and team skills progress had been implemented.


iOS SDK, Android SDK

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