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Vero is an advertising-free social network to build connections of different depth. This social media does not recommend friends and posts. Users decide whom to add and what is this person role. For every post, users can set groups for sharing this content. Moreover, the app shows the content that is relevant to you only. It is the media for interactive content, not the simple text post. Users can recommend and play music, movies, and shop right from the app.



The client required an independent team for quality assurance services to ensure all features of the social app are faultless. Testing is vital for the product, so the work started in 2014 from the first iOS version and comprised further launched Android version.


This social app is a long-term and growing project. The development continues over several years. With each new feature implemented, after improvements and with every new release it proceeds with a testing phase. Quality assurance services consist of a vast scope of work such as analysis of available documentation, clarifications of requirements (consistency, completeness, and unambiguousness), creating checklists, exploratory testing, small bug fixes, install and update checks, as well as reporting on testing results. At the post-release stage, Rozdoum team supports the social media app with processing support requests, analysis of post-release issues, preparing patch release if it is necessary.


Crashlytics, GitHub, iOS, Android

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