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Top 20 Software Testing Companies Rating By Clutch

Posted 2016-09-02 02:09

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

Clutch proclaimed top rating of quality assurance testing companies that includes 20 firms. Rozdoum has entered the list of best QA contenders. Read to know more on what Clutch analyst evaluated and how to keep your QA testing solutions competitive.

Recently Clutch released the list of top software testing companies and Rozdoum entered the rating. The analyse, published September 1, 2016, was lead using the Clutch owned Leaders Matrix methodology, that compares companies orientation on software testing and the quality and reliability of the accomplished result.

Rozdoum was qualified as a top contender along with other seventeen companies. Clutch analysts rated the number of quantitative and qualitative indexes, such as company expertise, industry acknowledgment, technology usage, market shares, as well as customers’ testimonials. The accent was made on dependability and predictability of delivered software testing result, according to Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst explanations.

In this report, Rozdoum gained very good assessment for market and references accessibility, while our experience and software testing expertise was evaluated as good, consuming that our company can deliver exceptionally dependable, accurate and solid result to our customers.

We are proud of our QA Team, such top qualification will definitely inspire our company to provide the best customer services and conquer the new heights in software testing technologies.

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Sales Team at Rozdoum