What do you know about Swift?

We live in a world where mobile applications have already changed not only human life but also the way people think. And it’s obvious fact that we currently use the Internet for daily work the same as for having fun and entertain ourselves. But even if it seems that mobile devices are already everywhere, the future is just about to start!

Rozdoum developers tried the latest innovation in the world of mobile technologies – Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OSX development. And they were extremely satisfied. Now we want to show you this new wonderful world of Swift. So, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats!

Swift was first introduced last June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that: “Swift intends to accelerate code writing, introduces modern programming concepts and aims to prevent common errors that can lead to app crashes.”

Swift absorbs the best from C and Objective-C, without limitation of C compatibility. It offers secure programming patterns with high-end features so it makes programming easier, more flexible and cheerful. Swift was created from scratch, at the same time relying on your favorite frameworks Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. This is an opportunity to imagine the new possibilities of software development.

We fully agree with those who said: “People will jump to this new language because it’s so much easier to code in. They have to use either Objective-C or Swift, and most people will go for Swift.

That’s why after our acquaintance with this programming language we decided to keep up with the programming world of Apple trends. So we re-coded our Eventor application to the Swift and moved the user’s data to the cloud.

Despite the fact that the language is new but not universal and waiting for further updates, we like its simplicity and exility.

Our iOS developer had successfully finished moving to Swift and now we would like to share our experience with you. Here at Rozdoum, we calculated quantitative parameters of the same app written with Objective-C and Swift and ready to announce the results.To compare the code, we took Events Controller in Objective-C and Event Controller in SWIFT. And you personally can take a look at the code and compare them by following the links above.

Please take a look at our metric data expressed in symbols:

Quantaty   Objective C   Swift
Paragraphs      374   193
Words      982   552
Characters      14855  7449
Characters excluding spaces      12409  5454


Our comparison shows the main advantages of the new language, they are speed and simplicity. Swift is 45% faster than Objective-C and has a significant difference in symbols quantity.

Now it is clear and obvious what language to choose when it comes to iOS app development.

Author: Mobile Team at Rozdoum

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