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Atlassian is a software company based in Sydney, Australia, that makes business enterprise software for software developers.

The Atlassian products Jira StudioConfluenceFishEyeBambooClover are targeted at programmers working with a code base. Atlassian also produces more generally targeted tools such as Wiki ConfluenceStash GIT server and JIRA bug and issue tracker. Atlassian is particularly well known for focusing on serving Agile software development, as well as practicing Agile itself.

Atlassian products are not open source mostly and are distributed under the license which permits customers to view and modify the code as long as they do not redistribute or resell it. All Atlassian products provide vast opportunity for development and customization. You can check all the available extensions at Atlassian marketplace.


At Rozdoum, we offer fine-tuning and custom development of the following Atlassian products:


Jira is the most popular Atlassian product – a widely known bug-tracking system. Running from the browser, it is much more convenient and functional than its free analogs (“Bugzilla” or “Mantis”).

In addition to the mandatory bug-tracking functionality, Jira features numerous facilities for project progress review, programmer productivity evaluation, timing, release, and milestones setting.

You can also find numerous functionality-extending plugins for Jira. The most significant one is a GreenHopper, allowing to turn the bug tracker into an Agile-based project organization tool.


A commercial Wiki with extended functionality of blogging, discussions, alerts, adding documents, personalization, and customization. With Confluence, you can easily create a team web portal – a center of discussions and storage of specific information on the company projects.

Jira is widely used by both big and small companies in their activities.

NetCracker and YandexParallelsFirebird and AdobeOracle and Nokia have chosen Atlassian solutions for their internal services.


At Rozdoum, we have vast experience working with most Atlassian products – Jira and Confluence in particular. We use Jira as our internal system and have completed a number of Jira and Confluence projects that are not publicly available.

We can offer you:

  • Setup and customization of Jira and/or Confluence for your company’s particular requirements. Should you have any unique use requirements, we will address them to make the system tuned to your needs so that it works as fast as it should and allowing your business to run as smoothly as possible.
  • Custom development. If the software is set-up but still does not meet your requirements, and you need something custom, unique or specific, we will do this for you by creating a corresponding plugin or refining the existing software. You can check what we have already done – a table grid JIRA plugin, which provides an Excel-like custom field that can be used to manipulate or view data from remote databases.
  • Inhouse plugin development. We have also developed a plugin that resolves a problem of double reporting for users of JIRA into FreshBooks accounting software. It allows to send worklogs from JIRA to Freshbooks with one click and keep worklogs synchronized automatically. The plugin is available at Atlassian Marketplace and undergoes constant development and improvement.

Please contact us for more info on how Atlassian products may help your business run more smoothly.

Author: Sales Team at Rozdoum

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