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Atlassian products and JIRA software review

Posted 2016-04-13 12:04

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

Meet all Atlassian Products and choose the best services that will help to succeed your business with perfect management.

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Are you working in a company that generates code or provides software development services? If so, you understand how important to organize and manage your team effectively. It doesn’t matter how many people in your team, but it’s still important to have easy to use tools for team management. Today all IT сompanies prefer to use Atlassian product line for these purposes.

If you don’t use it yet, you have a great opportunity to meet all Atlassian products and choose the best services that will help to succeed your business with perfect management.

Apart from providing you with the best opportunity to be up to date, Atlassian offers the most useful products and best support that enables you to benefit from your Atlassian tools. In this article, we would like to make a short review of the main services of Atlassian product line.

The first and one of the main tools is JIRA. This system gives numerous opportunities for the analysis of the project implementation processes, programmer’s productivity, deadlines, and releases controlling. Besides these basic functions, there are a lot of plug-ins and add-ons that extend the functionality of the system. Rozdum with its 10 years experience is one of the most active participants who enlarges the Atlassian marketplace with its useful and custom add-ons. Anyone can check online free trial demo and weigh all JIRA pros and cons.

Atlassian products let you collaborate and chat with various members of your team while developing your software. These features you can implement by using such tools as Confluence, which helps you in organizing your work, and HipChat, which is a platform that facilitates communication between you and your team. It is also easy to create a web portal and a discussion center with Confluence that has such helpful functions as blogging, document management, comments, discussions, alerts, personalization, and customization.

Writing codes with Atlassian products gets much easier: Atlassian provides you with such tools as Clover, which offers tests optimization, and Crucible, which finds bugs and improves code quality.

Atlassian software enables one to create user stories and issues. It makes possible to distribute tasks across one’s software team. The team progress tracking becomes easy since these tools allow one to prioritize and discuss the team’s work with full context. In short, project development process goes a notch higher and becomes a way easier and faster than before.

Are you interested in learning how to develop Jira plugin improve or extend JIRA functionality? Contact Rozdoum and explain your needs and ideas.

Sales Team at Rozdoum