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Be Creative in Any Mood

Posted 2014-07-08 05:07

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

That evening I planned to write some posts to this corporate blog. Since it was in drafts only, my goal was to prepare some interesting materials and launch the blog later. But nothing creative came to my mind. I thought that’s the wrong day, wrong mood, wrong ideas. But suddenly one event came to my mind. It was a lection about the internet media and mass media. The lector told then: “If any journalist will wait for the right mood, nothing will be published. If we’ll work only when it comes easy, who will write news and day-to-day reviews? The first and most useful skill for those who write is to do it anytime anywhere in any conditions”.

With this post, I tried to learn the lesson – writing when it seems like impossible. If you feel the same, take a pen or a keyboard and just start writing. Describe your feelings, ideas – just don’t stop. One good advice was given by a time management master, who wrote about the problem of “unwanted tasks”. It’s simple – start with the small task you don’t really like. Include these tasks to your day plan and just do them in the order you placed them.

Do you still think creative people are so from the day they were born? Of course not. We have to learn ourselves how to be creative. Or just call your friend at midnight to ask for an inspiring thought.

Sales Team at Rozdoum