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Disorganization: Whose Fault?

Posted 2014-08-03 05:08

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

In every research and poll people name disorganization as the main problem of cooperation between companies/humans. You can feel it well when someone is late, misses a meeting or terms. Especially that is awful if someone doesn’t respect your time. You can try to teach these unorganized individuals, but what if your boss is one of them? Or a potential investor? I’ve come up with some thoughts and ideas how to behave in different situations with disorganized people.

  • It doesn’t matter if the person is the boss or a clerk, working in IT or Chemical industry. Disorganization may meet you in anyone, the goal is to find out the problem as soon as possible.
  • You just agreed to the meeting with the person, but he didn’t note the time and date? You can always ask if you can send a nice reminder before the meeting. There are some people with the brilliant memory, but mostly it’s a sign of disorganization inside.
  • Imagine: you’re waiting for a meeting, 20 minutes and no one is there. Calling to check what is wrong, you hear: “Let’s try to meet tomorrow the same time.” The risk of waiting tomorrow the same 20 minutes and postpone the meeting again is too high. If it’s already the second time, are you still thinking the meeting is interesting for that guy? He also doesn’t respect your time.  Check the importance of the meeting and try to get an answer or contact any other way.
  • The meeting was canceled, but your partner apologized and offered to choose another time? Usually, it means something unexpected happened. Better when you do the same canceling a meeting.
  • Just a note – check what are your actions postponing/canceling meetings or any other activities. People can behave the same way as you do just in return.
  • If your problem has a due date, tell that to your partner. Usually, it helps to get a response in time. You can always include some risks naming the date 😉

Some situations in my day-to-day activity sound really funny:

talking to the customer, who agreed to send me the documents about 3 months ago, forgot that, but we agreed again about 2 weeks ago.

– Hello, I would like to know if you had a chance to send me the documents we agreed on 2 weeks ago? When can I expect to get them?

– What are you talking about? O_o

I wish all of you to have only organized and nice people around.

Sales Team at Rozdoum