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5 best ways to find the right outsourcing team

Posted 2016-04-25 01:04

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

Previously, we gave you advice on how to select the right offshore development team for your project. In this article, we want to talk about the places where you can find the best teams!

It seems that nowadays, the Internet is an integral part of everyone’s life. We don’t need to ask ourselves where to look when it comes to information that we need. Now with any request, we need only to type it into a search engine and an unimaginable number of responses becomes available to us.

However, despite the availability of a huge quantity of information, there is also a risk of stumbling upon unverified sources, viral websites and low-quality info, which not only will be useless, but can also cause even more confusion.

Such an important task like finding the right outsourcing team can consist of many pitfalls. Previously, we gave you advice on how to select the right development team. In this article, we want to talk about the places where you can find best teams and choose a reliable partner to develop your business solution!

1. Google search

The fastest and easiest way – the good old search engine. The most popular and famous one is Google, but don’t forget that search engines are looking for information in different ways. So with different web search engines you can find various types of information. It only makes sense that you pay attention to such search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and others.

That is why we would like to recommend that you not only browse the first page of your search results but continue searching past page one. It is no secret that “promoted” pages occupy many hits on the first page (often only through paid advertising). As a result, those may not actually be of any use for you. So do not limit yourself and continue searching past the top ten results.

Many users forget or simply don’t know that numerous search engines have an advanced search option. You can use different filters such as language, date, document size, region, etc., to narrow search results and exclude all unnecessary information.

2. Q & A platforms

If it is important for you to not only find a successful development team, but to also ensure their competence and receive a prompt response to your request, then welcome to Q & A platforms. One of the most lively and useful platforms, in our opinion is Quora. It is a community for sharing knowledge, a kind of online marketplace for questions and answers. After a fairly simple and quick registration, you can immediately begin asking questions to Quora users or find an existing issue with the various embodiments of the responses to it.

3. Catalogues

Another resource that you just cannot lose sight of when looking for an IT-team is Clutch. This is a research organization dedicated to the analysis and ranking of IT-companies (the professional development of quality software and interface design, marketing and SEO-companies, etc.). The purpose of the organization is to help start-up firms, and to give medium and large companies an opportunistic place to find suitable business partners. Clutch conducts innovative research that combines the best practices of the traditional (B2B) business segment with some features of the most common techniques used for studying the interaction with in the business-client (B2C) sphere. The obtained results are regularly published in the form of analytical reports, providers of ratings, reviews, consumer-tested reviews, detailed profiles of companies and various others.

4. Agencies

Working with agencies is reliable and promising treatment option that we have reviewed. These agencies are engaged in the search and selection of a development team for your specific project. We strongly recommend that you use such agencies as and BlurGroup. The advantage of these agencies is that they have a large database of teams with reviews of past projects and references that are given from the customers themselves. You get help and support in all matters of cooperation, which is very important and helpful for you if this is a new experience.

5. Friends & Conferences

Well, of course you can’t rule out any personal recommendations that have been given to you from friends, acquaintances, or partners who have already been faced with similar problems and who can advise you on a well-proven team. Unfortunately, not everyone has such opportunities or connections. Therefore, it is still important to receive opinions from professionals who have already been pre-acquainted with the team and get a better understanding of the whole process from the outside. We suggest that you visit various live events. Large conferences, summits and other events with the participation of leading speakers and development teams are held all over the world. You can choose the format that is most interesting for you, and try to find your team by communicating with them face to face.

Good luck in your search!

Sales Team at Rozdoum