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Rozdoum Year 2019 – Crystallizing Atlassian Focus

Posted 2020-01-29 03:01

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Atlassian team

2019 was a year of strategic changes for Rozdoum Software Development House.  Having reached a 1-year anniversary as Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, Rozdoum reviewed its goals, identified growth areas and focused on delivering professional Atlassian services.Looking back at 2019, we want to sum up the results we have reached for this year: 

  • Attended Atlassian events – Atlassian Summit, AtlassianOpen, App week, AtlasCamp
  • 4x growth of sales of Rozdoum addons on Atlassian Marketplace
  • A new app for Jira for tracking the availability of personnel  – Absence Tracker for Jira 
  • Reached the level of DC compatibility for WatchTower and Agile Remaining Estimate Counter
  • Visited AUG meetups to share Rozdoum expertise in migration and present WatchTower in Europe and the US.

Rozdoum Year 2019 - Crystallizing Atlassian Focus

To set on the Atlassian course, the company has divided its activities into two parts – Atlassian-related and Service projects. The service part merged into ITernal group and continues a separate growth path. Rozdoum dedicated itself further as Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and Vendor.

Following this transformation, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! It was designed with a new look of navigation, updated with the latest projects and a list of new services. We hope you will enjoy it.

Atlassian team