Apple Event September 2016: iPhone 7, Apple Watch and AirPods

Apple Special Event, September 2016. Check out Apple live event and learn the introduction of the stunning iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods.

The long-awaited Apple presentation was successfully held on September 7th. Rozdoum team couldn’t stay out of this grand event. We have prepared a brief summary of all the updates that were presented to our readers with relevant comments from our mobile experts.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Perhaps, the most important event of that evening was the presentation of two new iPhone models: 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. Smartphones design has remained practically unchanged, but at the same time, there were noticeable differences in comparison to the previous models. The new iPhone lost its 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Users will now need an adapter to connect older headphones, which is included in the package of the new Apple smartphones. The customers will also find the updated EarPods headphones with Lightning connector. Third-party vendors are already preparing their own versions of the headphones. It is noteworthy, that the new Apple smartphones have become twice as loud and are able to reproduce stereo sound. One speaker is located in its usual place on the bottom and the second one is the microphone speaker, which is capable of delivering a much louder sound than before.

Significant changes have affected the camera. Apple promises a fourfold improvement of the quality shooting, and the results of surveys and professional photographers’ reviews show that it’s not just words. By all points, the quality of photos must make the next big step to the future.

In addition to these differences, you will be able to recognize the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus by the new case color options. Now there are five colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, as well as the two new ones, which came to replace the Space Gray, – Black and Jet Black.

Other features that are worth paying attention to are the completely new “Home”  button and better protection against water and dust. The screen Retina HD became brighter by 25% and 3D Touch is now supported.

Expert note:

“In fact, I didn’t have the “wow effect” with iPhone 7. Everything was expected. For the owners of the iPhone 6S, there are practically no new features. For the owners of the iPhone 6 (e.g., me) there is not a lot of sense to shout “hoorray”, either. All features, which I don’t have on my smartphone, have appeared in the 6S (3D touch, Live photo). The device power was also enough before. iPhone is very overpowered, of course, if you’re not a gamer.”

Apple Watch

Original Apple Watch was presented 18 months ago. During this time, the sales of this Apple device have raised to the second place among all watch manufacturers. Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world.

The design remained unchanged, which helped to keep the support of all the existing straps and bracelets for them. But there were some technologically interesting updates.

Watches got the full water protection (up to 50 meters), you can safely swim in any water with it: in fresh or in salt. There are gaskets within the device and the speaker can push the water. Special software will help better calculate the calories and other information during exercises in the water. You can safely swim, dive and surf with the new Apple Watch!

Specifically for the fans of running and walking, Apple has added a built-in GPS. You can record the track and view the route. Developers will have access to the GPS, which will allow to add this functionality in a variety of applications. Also, the screen became twice brighter, and working time is 30% longer – the gadget was improved with increased battery capacity.

Expert note:

“Waterproof Watch with GPS – that’s really cool! These are the two features I missed most in previous devices. This is a great reason to think about buying the new model.”


The rejection of a 3.5-millimeter jack has led to the emergence of a new accessory, which was discussed with a lot of talk and rumors – AirPods wireless headphones.

AirPods are already called revolutionary among wireless headphones. The new concept Wireless lies in the good quality sound without wires. In order to ensure sound quality and performance of all systems W1 chip is used. It was placed in all products including Beats. Headphones are automatically activated when they are in the ears. Also, the optical sensor allows to tell Siri to answer or make a call, adjust the volume and control playback.

One charge lets the headphones work up to five hours. At the same time, 15-minute charge will give three additional hours of music playback. The novelty will appear on the market in October.

Expert note:

“There have been a lot of comments about AirPods.) So I will not repeat them. But I am confident that they quickly take over the market and find their audience with the Beats.”

Author: Mobile Team at Rozdoum

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