Business Models

Business Models: Agile development, Fixed price project, Dedicated Team.

Agile development

Agile software development methodology is used when the project’s scope is not clear enough to make precise estimates and requirements can change during implementation. The project is developed via short increments (iterations) no longer than 2-weeks period. Requirements for each next increment are fixed exactly before its start.

This approach allows the client to provide feedback on a permanent basis with a short cycle for implementation. The client has the whole control over the development process and has a working software on each delivery. With Agile approach, the client receives the very software they need with all the required changes, additional features, etc.

Key features:

  • Planning project by small/middle-sized iterations;
  • Flexible development plan (the customer can anytime change the project direction);
  • Thorough testing after each phase (iteration);
  • Working software is available after each iteration.

Fixed price project 

This scheme is used mainly for projects with fixed number of properly specified features to be implemented. We provide the client with the estimated project cost based on the hourly rate of people involved as well as with the estimate of the features to be implemented. With the Fixed-price project, any if any changes become necessary they will be considered as additional features that affect the total budget of the project.

Key features:

  • Upfront estimation of terms and price for the whole project;
  • Upfront milestones and payment plan based on deliveries;
  • Changes to functionality lead to additional effort and cost.

Dedicated Team

With reliable infrastructure for software development, we are capable of assigning dedicated teams for long-term project cooperation. Those teams, tailored to a client’s IT and business practices, methodologies, and culture, can differ in size and specialization but basically serve for development and quality assurance purposes.

Key features:

  • Team works on your project only – full-time;
  • Fixed monthly cost;
  • Control over resources, time and tasks;
  • Dedicated Project Manager.

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