Digital Kids: How new technologies influence on our children today?

1st June – International Children’s Day. This is an event celebrated on various days in many places around the world. Rozdoum team as a part of the technology world suggests an article about a strong connection between children and modern tech devices in educational space.

The rhythm of our present life changes things from an early age. You will be surprised, but in Great Britain the Daily Mail, British newspaper, reported that the first word of every eighth baby is a word “tablet”. We are not sure whether it’s true or not, but let’s be honest: new technologies and mobile devices became an essential part of children’s life in the XXI century. And a lot of questions appear with the advent of new technologies:

  • How does the development of technology influence on the children’s education?
  • What are the trends in the market of children’s goods?
  • How can we get the maximum benefit from children’s addiction to the gadgets?

Today everyone sees the obvious and popular trend of gadgets’ usage by children and teenagers worldwide. Common Sense Media Agency says that 38% of American kids “from 0 to 2” and 61% of three-year-olds are playing with tablets and smartphones. Moreover, 8% of them have their own devices.

Unfortunately, people do not use or not fully use a lot of educational opportunities of mobile applications. It is a sad fact, but there is also a good side: there are more and more really useful applications for children of all ages.

Developers improve the quality of apps’ content and parents, in their turn, ready to spend good amounts to download different applications.

“We’re seeing a fundamental change in the way kids consume media” – said Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media (author of the research about the impact of mobile devices on children evolution). – Kids who can not even speak, come to the TV screen and try to touch it like on an iPad or iPhone”.

Steyer said and we completely agree with him that when tablets and smartphones are used responsibly and the content is controlled by parents, the devices can be an excellent tool for educational goals.

We believe that educational mobile apps and games for small kids and different gizmos like Study BlueLEAP Motion, and PaperTab for school children are very useful and could become real helpers to the younger generation and their parents.

“We need to make screen time learning time. Technology used wisely is an essential element to education. Tablets can be great educational tools, but if they’re overused or serve as virtual babysitters, they may cause developmental harm.” – said Jim Steyer.

So the conclusion is clear: tablets and phones are just tools and how we are going to use them – to the detriment or for the benefit of our children – depends only on us and our degree of parental attention.

Author: Sales Team at Rozdoum

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