Tester’s Day: Our modest superheroes!

We will not speak for you but may say that this year summer months had flown by very quickly and the fall comes into its own day by day. Although many people expect bad weather, rains and prolonged autumn depression, the Rozdoum team advise you to hold off such sad plans. September is full of interesting holidays and events and if you celebrate all of them with us, you will not even notice a change of seasons but will enjoy the fall in all its colors and delights.

Thus, we’d like to tell you about one of these great September holidays, that related to our Company’s activity directly. This day was not considered as an official holiday, however, people celebrate it with a great pleasure, even those, who has nothing to do with it. As you have already guessed, we talk about “Tester’s Day” which an international community celebrates on the 9th of September.

It is noteworthy that even this date wasn’t accidental. According to a typical version of the story in 1946 scientists were testing the computing machine at Harvard University, discovered and officially registered the first bug in the history. They found a moth trapped between relays. This bug was carefully removed and taped to the log book. Based on this historical fact, today we call a programming error as a ‘bug’.

We don’t want to come up with ardent speeches and compliments, will just congratulate those, who don’t attract too much attention and don’t claim the programming laurels but do their important and difficult work calmly and confidently. We would like to appeal to our Sherlock Holmes of the code and modest superheroes who constantly and tirelessly fight with insidious “bugs” – to our lovely testers. Meet our fearless and brave QA team: Julia, Dmitriy and Evgeniy will answer all our questions and slightly open the veil of the mysterious testing world.

– First of all, we want to congratulate you, guys, with your professional holiday and ask the first question: How do you usually celebrate the Tester’s Day?

Julia: Thank you for the congratulations. Of course, with our friendly team of developers.

Dmitriy: Hmm, it’s hard to celebrate the professional holiday, because I have my birthday on that day. I believe, this is destiny!

Evgeniy: It looks like I have too many celebrations, because I can not even remember.

– Do you remember your first “bug”?

Julia: Yes, of course. But let it be my secret.

Dmitriy: let me think… probably I don’t.

Evgeniy: I remember: it was a snowy frosty February morning. No signs of trouble and only a strange feeling made my excited brain worry. I have done my first negative test, then the second one – nothing … and bang! – Null Pointer Exception!- What are the three reasons that forced you to become a tester?

– What are the three reasons that forced you to become a tester?

Julia: I have IT-related education. Attentiveness. I notice things invisible to others.

Dmitriy: First of all, I haven’t been forced by anyone. Well, the other reasons are: 1; 2; 3; -1; 0; 4; 9999; ∞; – ∞; !”№;%.

Evgeniy: The job is interesting. We have a nice and warm office… cookies, tea and coffee, of course! )

– What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the tester’s profession, in your opinion?

Julia: The advantage is that a tester has clear understanding of a smooth project workflow. I think, the disadvantage is that developers always want to make all processes faster and easier, while a tester needs a stable and user-friendly version.

Dmitriy: Nobody likes when someone tells him about his mistakes. Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes 😉

Evgeniy: The plus – you are not a miner. The minus – bugs are everywhere!

– And finally, please tell us the main secret of a successful tester )

Julia: Be aware of modern IT tendencies and innovations, defend a user’s point of a project.

Dmitriy: Bugs are everywhere! Keep calm and work hard.

Evgeniy: The secret is pretty simple: hard work + dreams + dedication = success.

As you can see, testers are very interesting and creative people. And those who work with us are two times better. Thus and so, we congratulate all QA experts with their professional holiday and wish them less trickish and hidden bugs both in work and everyday life.

P.S. Remember, when it is about testing or choosing the best QA team, you can always come to the Rozdoum team, who will be happy to help you with projects of any complexity. Work with us and increase your ROI quickly!

Author: QA Team at Rozdoum

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