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Rozdoum develops EMM solutions that are feat feature-rich Web-based enterprise applications for email marketing, newsletters and service mails.


Effective communication with your clients is among the key factors of your business success. Research shows that email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost. In the case of online business, it may be easily executed via a handy application allowing to reach your prospects, customers, and readers with your company news or promotions. Considering the mobility of modern business, owners and customers, the Email marketing solution must be accessible on any type of PCs, tablets and even mobile devices. It should be highly configurable, intuitive or at least supplied with clear documentation, fast and efficient. It should also allow tracking the progress of the emails sent.

Our team is a development partner of Agnitas, a leading supplier of e-marketing solutions for direct and dialog marketing. Rozdoum develops EMM solutions that are feat feature-rich Web-based enterprise applications for email marketing, newsletters and service mails (transaction mails and event or time triggered mails). EMM allows to timely inform your customers of any news or events taking place in your company, offer them to buy goods or services directly from your email, welcome new subscribers, follow up idle searchers, ask for feedback from the buyers and see how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, what percentage was clicked, and much more.


Why is Open EMM worth using?

Open EMM advantages

  • it is free to use and allows sending an unlimited number of emails;
  • it is the world’s most popular Open Source software for newsletters, e-mail marketing, and transaction mails;
  • it is constantly improved by the most demanding and concerned members of the Open Source community from around the world;
  • it can be operated from anywhere in the world featuring user interfaces in various languages;
  • it can send mailing in any language (UTF-8 international character set is supported);
  • it has no hidden costs or rights limitations (is assured by utilizing the Open Source license “Common Public Attribution License (CPAL)”);
  • it is a certified Open Source software.


  • truly unlimited (any number of subscribers, mailing lists, and emails to be sent);
  • easy to install, easy to use;
  • extensively documented;
  • customizable – features some templates to provide a standardized layout according to your corporate design;
  • web-based (works with all major browsers);
  • international;
  • features sophisticated bounce management and great user interface;
  • allows for link tracking;
  • provides lots of graphical real-time statistics;
  • contains a CMS module and a scripting feature to implement individual tasks.
Should you want more, you can always upgrade to the paid EMM. Featuring all the options of the Open EMM, it boasts some more:

  • Bettersendoutperformance – handled by several servers, EMM guarantees significant increase in the mailout speed;
  • Enhanced Reporting – more different reports allowing to fully assess the effectiveness of themailoutsplus more details and graphics in usual Open EMM reports;
  • Multi-client capability – ideal for business – allows creating one big account (e.g. a company account) with some sub-accounts within it (an account for every employee). Each of these sub-accounts will be separated and secure;
  • Additional type of statistic reports via e-mail (pdf) – you can see the progress from wherever you like, even with no system nearby;
  • Different license types – possibility to have somebody doing all or part of the job for you – e.g. composing efficient newsletters and/or managing your campaigns. You will only see the positive reports. Ideal for businesses that have no spare time or resources.
  • Shop-measurement (analysis of shopping carts and turnover) – you may see at once the profit gained from each newsletter campaign;
  • Qualified support by telephone and email.

OpenEMM is used to send out billions of emails per year. The solution is used – as part of the commercial software product E-Marketing Manager (EMM) – by companies like IBMDaimlerSiemens and Deutsche Telekom.


Our Rozdoum team has deep experience in installation, customization, and development of the OpenEMM solution which is not only our development project but also an internal newsletter-powering product. We know its work from the customer’s point of view and will eagerly consult you and draw the solution for your particular requirements.

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