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JIRA Freshbooks Connector 2.0 is launched!

Posted 2013-03-12 03:03

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

We are glad to announce Jira Freshbooks Connector 2.0 release.

We are delighted to announce Jira Freshbooks Connector 2.0 release. Now it is even more easy to use and helpful than the previous version. Rozdoum development team has prepared a software that will make your financial documentation continuously updated without any effort on your part!
What new features do you get with Jira Freshbooks Connector 2.0?

There is no more double work. With Jira FreshBooks Connector your invoices will be kept in absolute order- no need to copy all the data from Jira to Freshbooks- ability to configure within four simple steps

Jira FreshBooks Connector was created to reduce your monthly invoice headache. The primary goal of the product was to make invoicing seamless and transparent. This new plugin will copy all data from JIRA and place it to Freshbooks and will do it for you automatically. After installing JFC you have FreshBooks projects updated with any change of work log in JIRA issues. This way your financial information always stays ordered and precise.

You can choose an automatic or manual mode of FreshBooks updating. It can be easily adjusted depending on your preferences. Keep your bills organized by one click of the mouse or automatically – it’s up to you.

Stop wasting time doing double work! Jira FreshBooks Connector will do it for you bringing your invoices in ideal order.

Sales Team at Rozdoum