• An online marketplace based on artificial intelligence matching algorithms with social features which allows purchasing of goods from associated shop partners (i.e. Amazon) or directly via a portal web site.

  • Implement a number of social elements for user interactions, e.g. Uploading photos, Creating Stories, Commenting, Likes etc. Modify mechanism of Liferay user registration. Create access for special communities based on security settings and existing role structure. Implement transport layer for purchasing goods directly through the marketplace and persistence of private data into different storages (Salesforce, a payment provider, etc.) using REST API.

  • Adjustments on Liferay’s user registration mechanism allowing the creation of groups with a proper name structure and access levels. Implementation of mechanism for secure storage of private data across user sessions on the marketplace with consequent storage to differentiate data banks. Optimization of requests for work acceleration and adaption of UI in order to improve performance.

  • Liferay, Ant, Maven, Hibernate, Spring, Hbase, Solr, Elastic Search, Hadoop, Apache zookeeper

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