Agileee 2012 was Successfully Carried Out With Eventor Application

Rozdoum congratulates Agileee and its authors – Scrum Track – with excellent organization of the 4th Season.We are proud of being the developer who provided event managing mobile application – Eventor. The application covered about a half of the conference attendees. IOS version was downloaded by 90 users and 74 Agileee visitors utilized the edition for Android devices.

The latest Eventor was enriched by a function that allowed editing conference program during the event. The feature has proved its necessity at Agileee 2012. All the attendees were kept updated about changes in the schedule.

In addition, this year Eventor enabled its users to share their feedback concerning speakers and talks. This feature brought lots of valuable ideas so that the event organizers can use them for the next season.

So, technologies and new tools can raise your event to another level.

To order Eventor for your conference feel free to contact us!

Author: Sales Team at Rozdoum

Posted 2013-01-10 12:01 in

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