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Staff motivation in IT – What is it?

Posted 2016-05-16 01:05

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Sales Team at Rozdoum

Our Rozdoum team decided to share successful examples of motivation boost from our own experience. Get 4 useful techniques for staff motivation and learn what “individual approach” means…

To pay, to reward, to praise publicly or to bestow – what is the best way to encourage employees to achieve targeted goals effectively?

Currently, there is struggle to find and hire a qualified and experienced expert in the IT market and that’s why HR managers and CEOs are unanimous in their opinion – cash bonuses alone aren’t the right way – this is inefficient and costly. In this case, cash payments as well as the “classic” incentives such as social packages existed in the last century. At present, these methods are successfully combined with new ways to inspire employees and make the working process exciting and flavorful. So how do you instill a cheerful working fuse into your employees?

Our Rozdoum team found the answers to this question and decided to share successful examples of motivation boost from our own experience:

1. Material incentives

We couldn’t work without this item in the list of motivation methods. But even here you can move away from standard motivational techniques. Bonuses, salary reviews, etc. – everything has to be agreed on an individual basis with each employee and that depends on the results of his/her work.

2. Contribution to the growth and training of employees

It’s no secret that it’s impossible to hold on to employees simply by increasing their salaries. Therefore, each company must choose its own special strategy in order to maintain the interest and motivation of its IT guys.

At Rozdoum, it is the motivation for personal growth. That’s why so much attention is paid to such bonuses as compensation for employees who participate in conferences, seminars and enter into various professional trainings and language schools. In our office, we organize an English speaking club free of charge to improve our employee’s knowledge and fluency of a foreign language. Internal “TechTalks” are also held periodically, where Rozdoum experts can share their achievements with others, or simply share an interesting experience with younger colleagues.

3. Individual approach

The unspoken motto of Rozdoum is to take care of and support every employee. We believe it is the best approach, which relies on the modern methods of motivation. Appreciation goes a long way and everyone should feel that they are an important part of the team, and that their contribution is valued and never overlooked. This includes providing a comfortable office and a cozy workplace, carrying out a variety of corporate events, birthday greetings, the date of joining the company, and other important events in the life of every Rozdoum team member.

4. A proactive approach

Creating a motivated staff who do their work qualitatively and efficiently is certainly a difficult and important task. All methods we discussed earlier can be directed toward it. How can you make your staff not only do a great job, but also take initiative where it is possible or even necessary? Rozdoum created a motivational program for this task. Employees are rewarded with a branded medal for completing any additional tasks that are not included in their given responsibilities. This “reward” can be exchanged for useful bonuses. There is a standard set of bonuses, which depends on a certain amount of earned medals. Employees can choose which bonuses they want from this improvised “menu”.

In conclusion, it’s important to mention that in today’s IT world, there are many ways to motivate and attract qualified employees. Rozdoum team uses the above methods, because they are aimed at emphasizing individuality while highlighting the importance of each team member. You can spend a lot of time and effort creating a brand and use all available tools for the advertising, but without the right team, success will pass you by.We, more than anyone, understand that every employee of our company is not just a part of the

We, more than anyone, understand that every employee of our company is not just a part of the team, but rather part of a family called The Rozdoum Team.

Sales Team at Rozdoum