Men’s day – Women’s day

Working in one team people become closer and closer to each other, and they enjoy gladdening and amusing other members of the staff. Excellent occasions to make friends and colleges enjoy are Men’s Day (23.02) and Woman’s Day (08.03).

Of course, we use this great opportunity to have fun and to communicate in the informal atmosphere.

But these holidays are celebrated in Eastern Europe with the day-offs, concerts and other entertainments. For our clients, it sounds sometimes strange, but mostly they are curious how do we celebrate everything here.

Men’s Day is a time when Titans’ Battle takes place. Guys prove their strength, intelligence and creativity in different funny competitions. Making this air of childish joy is an important task of girls. It is quite difficult to say who gets more pleasure of the show, its participants or spectators. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, all the competitors do their best and approve themselves real men. Then they get presents and the party starts.

Guys cannot disappoint girls on the 8th of March. All the day is full of romance created by flowers, chocolates and pleasant words. In this still cold day, men try to make women feel surrounded by warmth and care even more than ever. They prepare tasty entertainment and organize evening party for nobody to be bored.

People say, after having fun it’s easier to work. So we try to use each occasion to have some fun, save these moments in our memory together with some bright gifts, real emotions and pleasure.

Such events help all the people to feel united and involved. And this is the best inspiration for effective work in the friendly team.

We hope our experience can be useful for everybody who wants to take all the best of life.

Author: Sales Team

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