Requirements Clarity Map

Requirements Clarity Map


Requirements Clarity Map for Confluence is the app that builds a tree graph of project requirements. The app helps to structure the scope in a visual way and reflect uncertainty, size, and status of requirements.


The app is intended to visualize the scope of project requirements and display how clear each of them is, how they are connected to each other, how big and important every demand is and how much is done during project development.


RCM is the tool to create a tree graph for the visual presentation of requirements from a set of Confluence pages. It allows configuration of each graph element to answer the uncertainty in project demands. Users can set the color identifying the clarity of the requirement, define its size and parent/child relationship. Besides the Jira issue can be linked to the graph element, so that a user can track the task status and priority. The edition of visual elements is available from the graph directly.
The general picture on the project's scope is intended to boost the communication between all stakeholders to find the solution for unclear parts. Moreover, the app aims to provide a possibility can easily monitor how the history and progress of requirements change in time by comparing pictures of requirements graphs.
The app is applicable for newly created Confluence pages, as well as for already existing ones.


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