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Why Atlassian Tools Assessment is a Critical Stage of Atlassian Consulting Services

Posted 2021-06-24 03:06

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Atlassian tools assessment is the first step before starting to work with Attlassian consultants. Consulting includes data collection and analysis, as well as feedback and discussion of further actions with the client.

The Aim of Consulting by Atlassian Experts

When the work process turns into hell, and the Atlassian software doesn’t seem to work the way it should, it is time to seek ‘Atlassian consulting services’. Let us define what the term stands for. In this article, we will unveil the essence of consulting, its goals, stages, and techniques. 

What Is Atlassian Tools Assessment? 

Atlassian tools assessment is an initial and key stage of our partnership with clients. At this stage, our specialists listen to clients’ needs, collect all the requirements, evaluate their current tools, processes, and infrastructure.

First off, we send our client a Questionnaire with the full list of questions about his infrastructure and processes. It contains a number of questions about work specifics and company structure:

  • products and process landscape;
  • team members and their roles;
  • security issues;
  • license management;
  • general configuration of Jira;
  • specific project setup and so on.

The introductory questionnaire is followed by a discovery call to clarify all details.

On receiving a completed and revised Questionnaire, our specialists start a full, comprehensive analysis. After that, we send back an Atlassian infrastructure report, which includes advice and recommendations prepared by our consultants. 

The main purpose of this report is to provide the client with an understanding of what is going to happen next and what kind of extra help they require. Atlassian Tools Assessment enables our clients to optimize costs and processes, as well as to control teamwork time easily. The assessment together with subsequent optimization allows you to add real-time visibility to the flow of projects.


The Role of Assessment Stage before Atlassian Expert Consulting Services

Consulting helps companies increase operational agility and maximize the return on investment in building efficient infrastructure. With the help of Atlassian specialists, all the required system improvements can be completed successfully without extra difficulties.

The main purpose of Atlassian tools assessment is to perform product and process landscape review of the client’s company. This step is crucial for providing the client with further consultations required to solve their specific case, such as project migrations, third-party tools integrations, infrastructure optimization or licensing. After that, Rozdoum Consultants advise the client which tools or services are the best fit for their organization and highlight the steps to ensure that Atlassian applications and services work correctly.


What Tasks Can Be Solved through Atlassian Tools Assessment 

The purpose can’t exist without tasks necessary to complete this purpose. The same works with the assessment stage, which has a set of tasks it operates within. Here are some of these tasks: 

  • Analysis of client’s business process architecture;
  • Evaluation of client’s potential on Jira performance;
  • Understanding the necessity to customize the infrastructure by analyzing workflows, dashboards, labels, etc;
  • Recommendations about extending Jira functionality with available apps as well as integrations with other Atlassian and non-Atlassian tools;
  • Defining and planning maintenance and testing activities to prevent failures;
  • Analysis of Atlassian legacy products in order to optimize performance and improve integration into client’s business processes.


What Stages Are Included in Atlassian Tools Assessment 

While completing the assessment, we go through several key stages which help us to communicate with the client and flexibly respond to their needs and requests. These exact stages are enlisted and described below:

  • First contact

Making acquaintances is essential in every relationship, even in a partnership. When we meet a new client, we spend some time getting to know them and talking about the problem their company currently faces.  

  • Data collection and analysis

As mentioned above, to gather the required information about a company’s structure and processes, our consultants send a questionnaire to fill out or discuss everything during a call. The list of paragraphs that are covered by this stage are:

  1. Interview
  2. Organization Administration
  3. Licence Management
  4. Product Access
  5. Jira Setup Review
  6. General Configuration
  7. Product Access
  8. Projects Review
  9. Issues
  10. Specific Project Setup
  11. CI/CD Integration
  12. Dashboards, Reports and Notifications
  13. Project Portfolio Management. 


During these steps we discuss the following questions with the client:

What products are used by the Company? 

What is the purpose of each product and app? 

Which department uses these products? 

Whether the client uses third-party applications? 

Who is the team? Who is formulating and making decisions? 

Who is monitoring system usage? 

What type of projects do clients have? and others.


  • Feedback and discussion of further actions

When our specialists carry out the analysis, we present a full report of the company’s activities and offer a recommendation on what our client should do next. Depending on the problem, our consultants will direct a client to the next, more specified consultation. In the table below, learn about the main types of consultations we provide.

Type of consultation


Infrastructure optimization consulting

This consultation is required in case our specialists determine that the infrastructure of the company is not used properly. We will study the company’s structure in detail and define what exactly can be used more effectively or what changes in the infrastructure are required.

Process optimization consulting

Process optimization consulting, also called Atlassian Process Assessment, is a special type of consultation we use in order to study and analyze every element of a company’s work process. The goal is to find what exactly the root of the problem is. That is why our specialists in Rozdoum go through every workflow to solve the problem as fast as possible. 

Integrating platforms consulting

When a company decides to implement new platforms or software into its work process, it can cause a lot of troubles. Done incorrectly, it can actually freeze the whole work process of a team. That is why we offer companies our help to integrate any Atlassian platform required correctly.

Migration consulting

When two companies undergo a merger, no matter what the reason is, a lot of challenges appear. Mostly, it happens because initially companies used different tools or platforms to monitor their activity and progress. In order to save time and cut manual data handling, Rozdoum offers a migration consultation. Our specialists will look through companies’ activities and find a way to complete the data transfer from one platform to another with minor process interference.


Licensing Consulting and Process Assessment

When a client decides to implement Atlassian products, it is necessary to go through a preliminary assessment, so everything operates correctly when in use. Our team of Atlassian experts are able to help any company to solve their issues with such Atlassian Platforms and Products as:

  • Jira Software;
  • Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk);
  • Jira Align;
  • Jira Work Management (formerly Jira Core);
  • Confluence;
  • Bitbucket;
  • Atlassian Access;
  • Statuspage;
  • Trello;
  • Opsgenie;
  • Halp.

Improve your strategy, architecture, and practical application of all Atlassian tools with the help of Certified Consultants. We can help to deliver your vision of how to manage and operate your Atlassian infrastructure as your company’s needs may evolve over the long term.

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