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Rozdoum has certified and experienced Atlassian consultants who are able to help with process optimization consulting, integrating platforms consulting, migration consulting.

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Has it ever happened that you pour your heart and soul into a project only to face a mental agony of realization that your client has expected something completely different from what you did? Maybe, you’ve delegated a task to someone to realize just before the deadline that they’ve done not what you envisioned. Does it sound familiar?

These are examples of expectation management crises that programs like Jira and Trello are designed to prevent. Maybe, you’ve heard about them or you are using them already. The unfortunate truth is that most companies do not apprehend their full potential. Learn how to use Atlassian products to their fullest. With their planning and communication toolset, you can wield the power to drastically optimize the time, costs, and effort spent on any project.

All the benefits aside, introducing new software into the workflow of your company can be a disruptive, disturbing process or it can be smooth and simple. The difference is Rozdoum, a comfortable transition to better efficiency.


Consulting Services


Meet Rozdoum

Rozdoum and our team of trained Atlassian consultants are here to help you. We are an official, certified Atlassian Solution Partner, trained to represent its products and help its customers make the best of them.

While helping you, our team follows a special Atlassian strategy. It is a path we follow in order to provide you with the best consulting, development, and support. It is quite simple. Our strategy is to go through the whole process with you: from licensing and first steps in Atlassian products to the moment you can fully coordinate the work of your team despite its size. Today you can find out more about our services and what you can gain by working with us.

Consulting Services

We at Rozdoum believe that the future belongs to those who successfully integrate the work of many tools and services, gathering data into one agile process, which is easier to scale and correct.

Atlassian Tools Assessment

In order to collect the data, we require you to complete this step by filling out a questionnaire. It contains some general questions, like the sphere your business works in, number of employees, etc. After that, we ask you to provide information about the state of your infrastructure, processes, results, and goals you wish to achieve. By gaining this kind of information, our team can find the fastest and the cheapest way to solve your problems. We ask you to be honest with us and present only real data. By providing us with not relevant information you may complicate the work process for all the sides. Also, by analyzing your actual data, our experts can find the best way possible to solve your problem. You see, in Rozdoum, we believe that the size of the company or its problems don’t matter much. A correctly chosen management can easily and successfully help to get rid of your problems and make your company’s work process more comfortable.

After analyzing your data, we will send you a report with the results of our expertise. These results will determine what kind of consultation you require and what your next steps should be.

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Licensing Audit

When you implement new software into your working process, it is important to take care of the licensing process and issues that may occur. Our specialists are ready to help you complete a full licensing audit of the programs and services your company uses or will use in the nearest future.

Recently, we have saved one of our clients more than 100 thousand dollars by recommending a proper licensing package. Within one week, we have optimized the company’s workflow, got rid of unnecessary apps and, thus, saved them resources that they can now invest in something more productive.

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Consulting and Its Types

One of the main goals of our team is to help the companies that have faced organizational and managerial crises. We find it important to help teams around us to optimize their work process. In such a way, a company can achieve anything they want to.

Depending on your problem, our Atlassian consultant will recommend the type of consulting you require. Let’s look through their types and what each of them means:

The type of consulting you require is strongly connected with the type of problem you face. For example, when you believe that the inner structure of your company doesn’t operate correctly, make sure to go through the infrastructure optimization consulting process. It will help you understand if the infrastructure is the root of your problem.

Also, such a consultation includes several services we can propose for you. It includes the hardware setup and implementation of tools you require or may require in the nearest future.

This type of Atlassian consulting is familiar to the previous one. The main difference is that this type of consulting specializes in the process itself. The process optimization consulting includes several services our team provides in order to normalize the processes inside your company. It may include:

  • Creation of documentation of processes;
  • Creation of notifications;
  • Reporting setup;
  • Project initiation phase;
  • Creation of “How-to” list;
  • Monitoring of dashboards, etc.

You may say that all the processes strongly depend on the elements and the structure of the company, and you are right. In any company’s work, all elements and processes are strongly interconnected. That is why our team recommends you to go through different types of consulting if you don’t know the exact cause of your company’s problems. Helping a company is like healing a sick patient – no way to do that without proper consultation or analysis.

As you may know, any team rarely uses only one type of software. Different departments working on their specific projects require particular programs. Does your team use a CRM system? What about procurement software, digital dashboards, and billing systems? How much time does it take to copy-paste data between different systems to keep everyone apprised? At Rozdoum, we can integrate Atlassian products with third-party software, enabling the automatic transmission of data among all of your platforms. Your employees will become more productive than ever, able to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Recently, we have successfully performed Confluence to Salesforce integration for one of our clients. Having developed an add-on (with the backend hosted on AWS Lambda), we established one-way live synchronization between platforms, as was requested. This case study is one of the myriads of examples, illustrating our expertise. Ask our sales managers to tell you more.

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Sometimes it happens that several companies merge into one, or become part of each other. Such a tough process never happens without any complications. Usually, they are explained by the fact that different companies use different methods and tools to control their processes and operations. There is no need to worry!

Our team can help you perform a successful migration within the Atlassian ecosystem. Assisting companies during such a process is a common task for us. Services in this category include the facilitation of migrations among various clouds, servers, and data centres. We also support cloud and server mergers and offer other customizable solutions.

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Have you ever faced a situation when you haven’t upgraded your app or some software in time, and the whole work process turns into hell? If you haven’t, you are a lucky one because this problem is considered as one of the most popular among computer software users. Delayed updates or no update at all make your system vulnerable. That is why updating your tools and the system itself is important.

We assist our clients with all the necessary updates to prevent any problems that may arise. Our consultants know exactly what kind of patches need to be implemented into your system to make it more effective for your team. If you have any questions or issues that require assistance, you can always count on our support.

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Talking about support, remember, no matter what happens, you can always get help from us. Our team of specialists can provide you with two types of support, depending on the problem.


Technical support Marketing support
Analysis of root causes New users onboarding
Monitoring and examination of Atlassian services’ quality Making reports based on the amount of sales, conversions, etc.
Identifying the problem Creating a targeting conversion campaign

If you realize that you are going to need help for longer than expected, don’t worry. You and your team can always count on us. If such a need ever arises, our Atlassian consultants and specialists will be here to help you.

This is one of the benefits of our cooperation; a win-win situation, you may say. By working with us, you become not only a client or a partner, but a friend. It is important to help friends. Just make sure to talk about this with our manager to solve all organizational issues and establish a successful long-term partnership.

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