Atlassian Add-on Integration & Enhancement With Slack and Other 3rd-Party Services via REST API

Atlassian Add-on Integration With Slack and Other 3rd-Party Services via REST API


Rozdoum Javascript engineers checked the validity of the currently existing presets in the client’s Atlassian add-on. Moreover, they created new presets and increased the functionality of the project.


When the client approached Rozdoum, two issues needed to be solved. Number one: develop new presets using JavaScript engineering that will help complete new tasks and integrations with different services. Number two: test the already existing presets and make sure that they work properly.


To complete the necessary goals, two JavaScript engineers worked on the add-on project for two weeks. Since the presets were written using a custom JavaScript interpreter, it was a challenge for developers to sort out the process. They edited the existing presets and created new ones. As a result, they expanded the functionality of the client’s product.


JavaScript, Slack.

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