Atlassian Tools Optimization and Custom App Development

Atlassian Tools Optimization and Custom App Development.


Problem identification and analysis. Building Jira reports optimization. Architecture design. Delivery and rollout of solutions.


The necessity of detailed reporting for monitoring, financial and analytics purposes based on work-log data. The goal was to pull data from Jira to build reports in a client-friendly format.


Addressing the need a custom app was designed to collect and merge certain data from multiple cloud Jira instances into single destination with possible export to Google Spreadsheet, Data Studio. Handles native Jira reporting as well as Tempo reporting methods. Support different methods of definition of data set.
During half-year consulting cooperation we provided an assessment, optimization, assistance in building Jira reports, support for the client's Atlassian infrastructure.
Atlassian tools setup: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket to implement Agile development practices. Identification of necessary addon set and appropriate configuration to address needs of business processes. Setup of reports, project configurations, permission and issue security schemes, field configuration schemes, user roles, screen, issue types etc.


Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket

Consulting Custom fields Integrations

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