Jira Cloud to Cloud Migration

Jira Cloud to Cloud Migration


Migrating data from one Cloud Jira instance to another Cloud instance after a two-company merge and acquisition. 


The necessity of data migration was caused by a knowledge base portal acquisition by the leading virtual educational platform on the online market. The task was to migrate the project data together with its settings, given that there was a mixture of classic and next-gen projects in the instance. Therefore, the migration option by importing issues using CSV was not applicable for us. At the time of migration, CSV failed to migrate all fields from next-gen projects correctly.
Another way of migration we considered was to merge multiple sites in Jira Server, but introducing changes to the destination instance was not a suitable option for the customer.


Therefore, we opted for moving data to the Server as an intermediate stage. The complexity of data migration at this stage was again the inability to migrate next-gen projects.
To meet all these requirements, we turned to custom development and, as a result, created tools that helped us automate migrations and merge platforms.


Java, Jira REST API

Integrations Migration

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