Process Automation for Jira

Production Process Automation in Jira


News media company have been using Trello to manage their production department for a while, but they wanted to do it more efficiently: streamline them and make them transparent. They approached us to help with that. 


The client wanted to increase the visibility of processes in their production department and automate them to accelerate the workflows and track the data associated with them better. Particularly, the process of setting up a project for their new clients needed to become more straightforward.


We provided a setup for the Jira software project — the News media company was able to start to work with new clients from a new environment. We automated the creation of new projects: employees could choose a type of project from four options we’ve designed and use processes, associated with them, to quickly move forward to the execution phase. 

We’ve devised an access control and leveled permission system. Now, some groups of users in Jira, like managers, can do everything (e.g., track everybody’s progress), while others, like independent contractors, see only tasks relevant to them and contribute to some parts of the workflow. 

It was also necessary to switch to a Jira premium subscription — the scope of projects in the company stretched beyond 300 epics allowed on the standard plan. We helped them switch and learn new functionality. Then, we connected EasyPiand Agile reports and gadgetsto Jira for analytics & intelligence purposes.


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