• The Social App is a Minimum Viable Product to show how social features such as posting, comments, likes, views, and others can be implemented using Firebase. Being the open-source code, the application can be used by developers as the reference for several functions like building queries, data pagination, and counters. This application uses authorization via Facebook and Google. The examples of animation usage are applied to the opening screen of details and a user profile.

  • The idea of the application is to create an open-source code as an example of our real working application and to demonstrate our code quality. The focus is made on social components of a mobile application that will show the mobile team experience in this specific area to our customers.

  • Social App is a native Android application built on Firebase. The most popular social features are carried out.

    Several authentication methods are implemented, a user can log in via Facebook, and via Google [or via e-mail].

    Access restriction is employed via user roles, meaning that unauthorized user can use limited functionality, while the full stack of application features is available after logging in.

    Engaging user experience: the Transition Framework is used to build the animated navigation to a user profile screen and a screen of details.

    Posts, Likes, and Comments are the functions available for users. They can complain about content and see the counters of views, likes, and comments.

    Firebase App Features are used for data pagination, indexing, and filtering.

  • Android SDK, Firebase, Facebook API, Google API, Transitions Framework

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