Cards Coloring App

cards coloring app case study


Cards coloring app fills with the color the whole body of Jira cards. Filling colors help to distinguish different parameters of issues visually right at agile boards.


In case a user needs to understand Jira board at a glance, this app is to extend Jira standard cards coloring functionality. The app increases the visibility of issues by filling cards with colors matching parameters or filters users want to focus on.


This app highlights issues on the boards and gives them some accent. In addition to the initial ‘Cards colours’ menu, the app adds the ‘Color Cards’ menu. From the app menu, users set parameters or filters and select a color for the issue differentiation.
Cards may be colored separately by assignees, issue type, priorities, or queries.
Main agile boards and views are supported: Scrum and Kanban, Active Sprint and Backlog. The app is Jira Software Server compatible.


Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API

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