Email Notification App for Jira

Email Notification App for Jira


A New York-based consulting firm approached Rozdoum to enhance & improve software development for notification app, a Jira addon for notification management. Two years later, the Rozdoum team maintains and supports the solutions while continuing to develop new features that help teams to better prioritize tasks, complete urgent new requests, and communicate better.


To design a tool that will help Jira Server users to better manage the boundless sea of Jira tickets, make Jira notifications more customizable, actionable, and clear. 


Rozdoum development team integrated Jira and Gmail and Slack engines via APIs, allowing users to: 

  • send letters to people inside and outside of Jira infrastructure from Jira or JSD issues.   

  • create custom triggers for notifications that can react to, e.g. changes in ticket’s priority, managers commenting on tasks, employee-related calendar events (like the end of the first week at work), etc. 

  • select groups of tickets on which you want to receive notifications and subscribe to them. 

  • use direct notification to both email accounts and Slack — for users to stay within communication infrastructure that’s comfortable to them. 

  • use templates for notification and design them to be immediately understandable by the receiver.

These (and many others) features were designed to help teams manage their workflow and response time better without switching between Jira and other services hundred times a day.


Atlassian SDK (Active Objects ORM), Jira’s API, Java, Spring, React JS 

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