Indexer for Jira

Indexer for Jira


Indexer for Jira schedules and performs regular re-indexing of Jira data.


Jira has its own indexing mechanisms to make the data searchable and easily accessible. One can start re-indexing at any time manually. In some environments though it could slow down the work. The problem solved by this plugin is to allow scheduling the re-indexing of the data so that Jira administrators do not have to think about that and to start re-index manually from time to time. Also, the scheduling allows to perform re-indexing in non-business hours.


The App allows to schedule and run Jira data re-indexing at specific times. It also sends e-mails with the results of the re-index to configured e-mail addresses.


Atlassian SDK, Jira API, OSGi, Quartz.

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