IT Consulting & Systems Integration for ITSM Company

IT Consulting case & SI for ITSM Company


The client is an enterprise-grade software development company with in-depth experience in building cutting-edge Blockchain and DLT-based software solutions. The company used 3 core Atlassian products for the past 5 years, and they had to optimize the delivery processes within their working environment. They asked to reveal weaknesses and find ways for optimization.


The goals set were to adjust the environment to be highly customizable and scalable, find and implement an integration solution with 3d-party CRM and code delivery systems, and reduce costs by selecting suitable time-tracking tools for the project.


Firstly, we started with the initial comprehensive assessment stage to clarify the requirements, define weak points, and understand the scope of work. The final health report of the current infrastructure state, tools, and processes provided the base for further amendments and recommendations. Some could be adjusted right at the analysis stage, however, the report revealed a lot of steps for infrastructure optimization that required additional effort. Thus, we decided to reorganize the client's code delivery processes and adjust the workflows for new apps, as well as delete the unnecessary functionality.


Jira Service Management, Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Salesforce.


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