Training on Administration of Jira and Jira Data Center

Case Study: Online Training for Jira and Jira Data Center Administration


The client requested Rozdoum to help with the basic training for its employees. The workflow of the client involves using Jira, but the administrators were not able to perform some of their duties because of their limited knowledge of Jira. Besides, the client asked to teach their employees how to set dynamic custom fields and use them in project management correctly. Internal processes in Jira and Jira G5 were also a subject of training. Rozdoum successfully set 6 training in total for 6 managers. It also created basic and advanced automation rules for Jira.


The main objective of the training was to enhance the knowledge of the internal processes in Jira and specifics of dynamic fields and show how the workflow in Jira should be approached. The desired result was to improve the performance of the client’s managers. 


Rozdoum’s developers set up the training process. A total of 6 consultations were done via Zoom. Project managers learned how Jira worked, the functionality of the Data Center, and how to use dynamic custom fields. The study plan also included Jira project and issue levels,  smart value, Jira automation, advanced roadmaps, and Jira add-ons. Besides, Rozdoum developers checked the settings of the client’s Jira and detected redundant configuration and unnecessary add-ons to be deleted. They paid close attention to every client’s employee and optimized Jira to their preferences. 


Jira Data Center, Jira Software, Zoom

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