WatchTower App for Jira

WatchTower App for Jira


WatchTower is an app that collects issues from several Cloud and Server Jiras and presents them on one consolidated agile board.


The app is a time- and effort-saving solution for consulters, managers, team leads, administrators, and developers working with different distributed Jira instances. It allows seeing the overall picture of the development progress at one place.


WatchTower gathers the issues from separated Jiras into a single agile board preventing a user from a constant switching between multiple environments. The user configures WT board by adding several Jira instances as sources. The app generates a consolidated board showing standard agile board cards for tickets and groups them by statuses into columns. Swimlanes help to divide issues by sources visually. The WT board uses standard agile board experience to change issue statuses. The user drag-and-drops an issue card to change status. The add-on supports a time reporting feature. Once the user changes the ticket from the WT board, this ticket is seamlessly changed in a source Jira directly. A board sharing feature enhances collaboration experience. A WatchTower board owner can give access to the same consolidated environment for all team members and set permissions for them.


Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API, Apache Velocity Templates, Atlassian AJS, Angular JS

Integrations Project management Workflow

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