Server-Based Management of Cloud Users for Atlassian Add-on

Server-Based Management of Cloud Users for Atlassian Add-on - Rozdoum


Initially, the client managed user accounts on the Jira server. The company approached Rozdoum to find a solution that would allow them to manage a large number of Atlassian Cloud users from their Jira server. They needed a direct connection between the Atlassian cloud solutions and the client’s server. 

The team has analyzed what should be done and offered the client to utilize either the organization's REST API or user provisioning REST API. The client chose the first one, and Rozdoum solved its issue within a month. 


The main objective was to add a feature in the client’s digital environment that would allow Atlassian Cloud user management without the involvement of Atlassian’s paid cloud space. It was expected to be done by creating a connection between the client’s server and the Cloud. 


Rozdoum created the necessary connection between the client’s server and the Cloud. The development team used the organization's REST API to enable the management of Jira users without the need to purchase an Atlassian Cloud license. 

Moreover, the feature enabled the client’s employees to identify users based on custom criteria, use search filters, activate and deactivate groups of accounts, etc. 

The project was successfully completed within one month only.


Java, Spring, React, Javascript, ActiveObject, Atlassian API

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