Standardization and Automation of Service Management Workflows in Jira


A Scandinavian multilingual firm with multiple departments that develops solutions for data-driven decisions about marketing and sales, approached Rozdoum to help them make their service management workflows more efficient. Before, they’ve been working with Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence for four years, — and, like many companies in our experience, didn’t know how to harness the value it can provide for business processes in general and project management in particular.


The client had 30-40 service management projects that handled different types of cases in different languages — and had different workflows. They needed us to standardize Jira processes for service management, simplify the setup of new projects, and reorganize — for new standards — projects they had in work when the cooperation started.  


After spending a week analyzing the Jira environment Buggfakta had and detecting bottlenecks that have been slowing customer support down, we’ve agreed on specs and adjustments we need to implement to create more streamlined, robust processes for client’s CS teams. 

We developed a standard process for all new projects and migrated existing Jira issues to a new system and standard. Then, we created a setup for Agile Board Configuration that’s suitable for implementing fast and reactive Kanban. We’ve also automated creating new issues in projects, which reduced the manual load on customer support teams and simplified creating new tickets.

In addition, we divided issues service management received into Level 1 and Level 2. Customer support teams handled Level 1 issues with the casual questions and re-assigned issues to engineers from Level 2 if the challenge customers encountered was technical. Re-assignment to Level 2 boosted the issue in engineers’ priority list, which made responding to queries about bugs and other tech-related feedback & solving customers’ issues faster and easier.  


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